We are proud to announce the release of version 3.6 of GoldenCheetah.

After 3 years of development and testing this is the public release of version 3.6


  1. New User interface and Navigation model
  2. User definable Perspectives, v3.5 layout available as "Legacy" perspective.
  3. Overview Chart - Configurable interactive dashboards
  4. User Chart - User definable charts using advanced expressions
  5. Tasteful themes and named colors
  6. Updated Default perspectives and charts

Advanced Analytics

  1. R and Python Chart Plot to Qt - Native interactive charting from R and Python
  2. Local python 3.7 runtime, no need to install separately
  3. User expression language enhanced - rich support for vectors and modelling
  4. Upload and Download User Metrics to the cloud DB

Improved Multiple Athlete Support

  1. New Athlete View to manage multiple athletes
  2. Separate dialogs for general options and athlete specific settings
  3. Preferences option to start with last opened athlete or choose an athlete dialog
  4. Configurable Aerobic Threshold HR/Power/Pace for Polarized 3 Zones analysis
  5. Use an existing athlete as template to create a new one


  1. ErgoFit bike support
  2. VMPro V02 measurement
  3. Bluetooth BTLE support for Windows 10
  4. Bluetooth FTMS support
  5. Daum serial devices (Vital and ErgoBike)
  6. Wahoo Kickr (Core) control vía BTLE
  7. Tacx ANT+ over BTLE for both, erg and slope mode, control
  8. Kurt Kinetic Inride and SmartControl over BTLE

Cloud, Data processing & File Formats

  1. Batch processing dialog to update files en masse
  2. Configurable zones for any sport (including better support for rowing)
  3. Configurable Time Dependent Measures with CSV import, including Nutrition as an example
  4. GPS and Altitude Smoothing
  5. TTS file type import
  6. Upload manual activities to Strava
  7. Better handling of Laps and swims from Strava downloads
  8. Multisport FIT file support
  9. Import HR during lap swims from FIT files
  10. Ergo Planet Movie (EPM) file import
  11. Updated download from Withings incl. new API
  12. Import serial number and battery status for sensors from FIT files
  13. Updated Ride with GPS upload using API v2
  14. Azum training platform integration


  1. Perspectives for Erg, Slope, Map, Video and Editor
  2. Live Map Chart with route preview and configurable automatic zoom
  3. Next/Previous Lap marker navigation in bottom bar
  4. Configurable Kinetic Energy simulation for both slope and erg modes
  5. Includes vlc 3.0.8 for Windows, Linux and macOS
  6. Video Overlay Widgets for Linux
  7. Elevation Profile Overlay in Video (Windows and Linux)
  8. Live Map Overlay in Video (Windows and Linux)
  9. Overlay Layouts selector in Video (Windows and Linux)
  10. Text cues on bottom bar from ERG, ZWO and JSON files
  11. Custom Virtual Power curve for dumb trainers including inertial mass
  12. GoldenCheetah JSON for workout and video sync
  13. Simulated Hypoxia
  14. Optional start countdown
  15. Automatically select media and video sync for workouts with the same name
  16. Save workout name as Route metadata
  17. Enable standard key bindings for Pause/Continue and Stop while training
  18. Enable Auto-hide bottom bar and hide sidebar when train mode starts
  19. Changed RR and VO2 recording to avoid data loss


  1. R versions supported are from 3.4
  2. Python version supported is 3.7 with SIP 4.19.8

Language support

  1. Export to CSV with UTF8 and ISO date format for broader support of translations

Removed redundant or broken features

  1. Deprecate Activity and Trends Summary Charts
  2. Diary view removed to be totally rewritten in version 3.7

Critical Bug Fixes

  1. 1434 changes committed and 397 bugs fixed since version 3.5
  2. Metric refresh deadlock and CPU hog resolved
  3. Fixed data filter memory leaks
  4. Withings authorization issues resolved
  5. Sportracks download crashes resolved
  6. VLC video freezing resolved
  7. Python API crash resolved
  8. Estimate distance crash resolved
  9. Startup crash when no power zones resolved
  10. Metric refresh crash resolved
  11. XData copy crash resolved
  12. L/R balance support in ANT+ and FIT files resolved
  13. Improved segment matching
  14. JQuery removed entirely due to security alert