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Golden Cheetah
Cycling Performance Software for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a Manual and a FAQ that you can use to help you use the program.

GoldenCheetah doesn't find my PowerTap on Ubuntu Linux.

If you're using the USB cradle (as opposed to the older, serial one), the FTDI driver sometimes conflicts with the braille terminal in the default Ubuntu installation. Try unplugging the PT cradle from the computer and uninstalling brltty:

sudo apt-get remove brltty
Then plug the device back in and it should work.

I downloaded a .dmg, opened it, dragged and dropped GoldenCheetah into Applications, double-clicked on it, and nothing happened. What gives?

Are you running OS X Tiger (10.4) or later? You need to be. If you are, and you're still having this problem, open Terminal (in Applications -> Utilities) and type this at the prompt:

then press <return> and send an email to the mailing list with whatever it prints out. We'll help you debug it.