We are proud to announce the release of version 3.5 of GoldenCheetah.

Over the last 3 years since the release of version 3.4 we have been focusing on adding functionality to enable users to perform more insightful analytics. This has 4 main elements; supporting more cloud services, enhanced modelling, user definable charts using R/Python and improving performance and stability.


  1. Support for Cloud Services from Strava, Xert, TodaysPlan and many others
  2. Power Index for performance modelling
  3. Banister Performance Modelling
  4. Critical Power modelling with performance tests
  5. Charting with Python
  6. Augmenting with HRV and Bodymeasures data


  1. ErgDB Compatibility
  2. Dropbox API v2
  3. Export to FIT File Format
  4. Import downloads from Webpage
  5. Import Body measurements from CSV files
  6. Import from Row Perfect 3
  7. Import .zip and .gz files
  8. import XData from CSV files
  9. Daum Realtime Device Support
  10. Support Kettler racer
  11. Monark 839E support
  12. HRV RR collected in train view
  13. SRM Calibration
  14. Tacx iMagic support
  15. Improved Hi-DPI support
  16. USB/ANT reliability
  17. FE-C reliability


  1. Deprecate TrainingPeaks trademarks
  2. Deprecate Bing Map
  3. Deprecate Twitter support
  4. Deprecate 3D chart
  5. Deprecate StreetView and Train/MapWindow