We are proud to announce that GoldenCheetah v3.2 was released today.

Version 3.2 contains lots of bug fixes and functional changes to support Running and Swimming, Interval discovery and analysis, Moxy and Vector support and many Training View enhancements.

We have moved to storing activity data in a native JSON format. This means data will be converted when imported but the originals are kept too (in case you need the original data for any reason). When you first run version 3.2 it will upgrade the athlete data. We therefore recommend you TAKE A BACKUP before you install and use Version 3.2.

It represents over 1,400 code changes made since the last release by a development team from all corners of the globe. Ale Martinez has been solely responsible for implementing support for running and swimming, Jörn Rischmueller has implemented Vector support and all the heavy lifting for the upgrade and native file format. Lastly, Damien Grauser has implemented the interval discovery and analysis features.


Multisport Support

Support has now been included for running and swimming; including the CV and D’ as well as new charts, metrics and device support.

  1. Pace Zones - Running and Swimming
  2. Garmin Dynamics - Running and Cycling Dynamics
  3. GOVSS, SwimScore, TriScore et al
  4. CV Model

Moxy Support

The Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor is supported including direct download, data series charting and new metrics.

  1. Direct download from device
  2. Import CSV (moxy + peripedal) and FIT format
  3. Merge Tool changes
  4. Shift S+C to Smo2/tHB
  5. Derive HHb and O2Hb from SmO2/tHb
  6. Chartride, 2d, 3d, histogram

Train View Update

The train view has been updated to support real-time viewing of W’bal and new series from Garmin pedal power meters as well as support for the Tacx Vortex turbo.

  1. Tacx Vortex Electronic Trainer Support
  2. Vector Support
  3. Moxy Support
  4. W'bal as you ride
  5. New file format and import process at end of ride
  6. New turbos supported

Interval Discovery and Analysis

Intervals are automatically discovered in rides and some new options to match and visualise them.

  1. Interval Navigator in Performance Plot
  2. Interval Auto-discovery; Peaks, Hills, TTE/Sustained, Routes
  3. Plot Sustained Intervals on CP chart (ride, season, compare)
  4. Sustained Time In Zone metrics
  5. Create intervals on the map
  6. Drop Segments onto Compare Pane to add all matching intervals


General Updates

  1. Improved Merge
  2. PMC Any Stress Metric
  3. W'bal Zones
  4. PMC Metrics on Summary and in Filters
  5. CP Estimates use rolling 6 weeks not 2 calendar months
  6. Added Ward-Smith PD Model
  7. Lots more Fix Tools (Elevation, Power, Moxy etc)
  8. Automatic importing of files
  9. Hide curves via legend in LTM Plot
  10. Improved performance for W'bal calculation
  11. Export 'heatmap' of rides for Google Maps
  12. Core Temperature Data Series Added
  13. Improved Chart editing in Trend View

Technical Updates

  1. NoSQL - RideCache in memory with backing store
  2. Directory Structure - /cache /config /activities etc
  3. Use Native File Format - json
  4. CLucene deprecated
  5. KQOauth lib replaces libOAuth
  6. File Quarantining
  7. Google Calendar API v2
  8. Measures db deprecated for a Withings cache
  9. Preferences changes update optimized