We are proud to announce that GoldenCheetah v3.1 was released today.


Compare Mode

Across Summary, Ride, QA, CP, Histogram, Metric charts Compare Athletes, Seasons, Rides, Intervals Easy and intuitive user interface

Additional Power Duration Models

Multiple PD models now available Track changes in model estimates for W', CP, P-Max, FTP over time Track changes in model estimates for any duration over time

Merge data from multiple rides into a single ride

Share Dialog to upload to multiple services in one click


Open Athletes in Tabs Redesign Tabbed mode with a ChartBar Themes and better support for color customisation Improved Interactivity (axes, interval hover)

Device enhancements

Fixed up Tacx Fortius Support Pedal Smoothness / Torque Effectiveness support

Metrics and new science

Plot best x power Plot estimated W', CP, FTP et al W'bal implemented with metrics


Improved UX for chart configuration and setup Export data for MMP curves, trends data Over 50 new charting options (heat, stack, labels etc etc)

Full Change Log

$ git checkout release_3.1.0
$ git shortlog v3.1 ^v3.0-SP2

Alejandro Martinez (1):
      Spanish translation update

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz (1):
      Add virtual power profile for Elite Qubo Power Fluid

Christian Stade-Schuldt (4):
      Updated Tacx Satori Virtual Power values
      Added virtual power support for Tacx Blue Twist trainer
      Added virtual power support for Tacx Blue Motion trainer
      added Tacx Blue Twist and Tacx Blue Motion to Device Wizard

Damien (86):
      RideFile: Add Min, Max and Avg point
      RideFile: Add a ride merge wizard
      use context->athlete->treeWidget instead of treeWidget
      FitRideFile: Add Calibration Event parsing
      AllPlot: plot references lines
      Bin2RideFile: Changes in Summary pages for Data version 5
      MergeActivityWizard : Use recIntSecs
      CsvRideFile: add temperature and hill slope (%) parsing for ibike csv file
      MergeActivityWizard: Use index for last point
      Bin2RideFile: correct bug for some GPS data
      JouleDevice: Remove debug lines
      JouleDevice: Remove debug lines
      Aerolab: Add a constant altitude option
      ShareDialog 1/3 : Merge StravaDialog and RideWithGPSDialog     Add OAuth for Strava (Release version only)
      Correct to compil without liboauth
      GoogleMap: Little fix
      ShareDialog 2/3 : For version 3.0.1
      ShareDialog: Manage null error message
      ShareDialog: Add ipload to www.cyclinganalytics.com
      ShareDialog: Add upload to selfloops.com
      ShareDialog: Strava authorise was broken in last commit
      AllPlot: Add Reference Line for Power (Watts)
      FitRideFile: - Add Left/Right TorqueEff and Left/Rigth PedalSmooth                  - Open Truncated file
      CP Model: let the user define whole interval durations
      FitRideFile: Correction for last Garmin firmware updates     In last Garmin firmware there is some (unknow) fields with multiples values
      CpintPlot: Log Axis for Qwt 6.1
      CpintPlot: Log Axis for Qwt 6.1 for all Data Series
      LTMPlot: fix show/hide legend
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Add Model for ExtendedCP      - One version of the model (Version 4.3)
      CPintPlot: Add extendedCP in model combo
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Change default
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Change default
      CPintPlot: Correct AxisScale for IntervalCurve (eg. HeadWind)
      AllPlot: Handle noTemp with no smooth     fix #634
      AerobicDecoupling: Correct formula     fix #721
      AllPlot: Add secondary Scope to plot speed and headwind in the same together
      GcChartWindow: Add "export as PNG" in menu     fix #738
      Export as PNG : hide menu button
      CPintPlot: Add centile mode plot for selected ride
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Add code for demo curves
      MergeActivityWizard: don't crash if no data to merge
      CpintPlot Compare Mode     you can now compare intervals or date ranges via the critical power window
      PfPvWindow: Add Compare Mode
      CriticalPowerWindow: small correction
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Add contribution curves eCP version 6
      PfPvPlot: Fix Color for intervals
      PfPvPlot: Correct last commit
      CpintPlot: hide contribution curves
      ExtendedCriticalPower: Use version 5
      FitRideFile: correct issue with unknown field type in fit file     fix #724
      FitRideFile: We may need to add string support
      FitRideFile: wrong copy-paste
      AllPlot Isolate IntervalCurve (HeadWind, Power Balance)
      CriticalPowerPlot: Add Power by inv time plot
      GoogleMapControl: Small fix for Google Map     fix #814
      ExtendedCriticalPower: display CP value for ExtendedCP model
      Bin2RideFile: Changes for DataVersion 6 in Joule GPS new firmware
      CriticalPowerWindow: Add a Heat by Date option
      CpintPlot: Small correction
      CpPlotCurve: Add missing files in last commit
      CpPlotCurve: Improve HeatByDate
      ShareDialog: Prepare for GarminConnect Upload
      Twitter: api.twitter.com requires SSL/TLS for all connections
      Twitter: use OAuthDialog for authorisation
      Add hemoglobin SmO2% and tHb data series (Moxy)
      Correct JsonRideFile for hemoglobin series
      Add hemoglobin series to Editor
      CvsRideFile: Add Moxy file type
      Correct errors in last commits
      Bin2RideFile: Small improvement in sensor name parsing
      Joule GPS download issue with Windows
      MetricAggregator Model Refresh (add ExtendedModel)
      Translation: Update for 3.1
      Translation: Update french
      Bin2RideFile: Correct Left-Right balance values in JouleGPS
      Translation: Update for 3.1
      Tranlation: Update french
      Translation: update ts files
      Strava: correct Strava OAuth process
      Bin2RideFile: Read downloaded bin2 files form Joule (not GPS) unit
      Bin2RideFile : increase seconds after invalid entry
      Small typo
      Translation FR (1/2)
      Translation FR (2/2)

Damien Grauser (1):
      Merge pull request #712 from gcoco/master

Dave Waterworth (2):
      Fix Tacx Fortius Device Support
      More Fortius Fixes

Eric Johnson (1):
      Use float division when converting wheel size

Gareth Coco (14):
      Website updates for Version 3.0
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Fixed broke download links/Typo
      Website updates
      Run: lupdate-qt4 src/src.pro
      Move to qwtconfig.pri.in
      Remove qwtconfig.pri
      Update website for 3.0.1 release
      Add Fedora 18/19 x86_64 RPMs for downloading
      Update Makefile
      Update Fedora RPMs and install instructions
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Update website for 3.0.2 release
      Move release files to GitHub releases

Ilja Booij (3):
      Prevent crashed in PMC by checking if start and end date of seasons are valid.
      Fix crash at shutdown.
      Fix crash when opening Speed histogram for the first time, on a file without speed info.

Jaime (1):
      Work around to ensure controller key presses aren't missed.  Borrowed from Fortius.cpp

Jaime Jofre (3):
      Should only auto refresh filters if we have Lucene configured to prevent core dump
      Fix x-axis missing label issues with Qt 5 (https://github.com/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah/issues/750)
      Fixes issue #791

Joern (59):
      Enable Translation (1)
      Translation Enablement + some small changes
      Translation enablement + some typos
      Translation Enablement
      Avoid Dump in Merge Activity Wizard
      Translation Enablement + Check on temporary Seasons
      Translation Enablement
      Translation Enablement & consider "seconds" translation
      Translation for Filter/Autofilter
      Translation Enablement & "seconds"
      Support Metric Names with "special characters" for Column Chooser Drag&Drop
      Data Filter - Internal Field Names + Multiple tr()
      Bikescore (TM) unique handling all languages & Translation Enablement
      Bikescore (TM) unique Handling (Part 2)
      Translation DE 3.1 (initial delivery)
      Windows - Menu bar - Mac / Style problem
      Translation Enablement
      Translation Enablement
      Show Heat - sometimes wrong scale
      TreeMap - multi-language enablement
      Translation Enablement
      Translation Enablement
      LTM Popup - HTML generation
      Translation DE - Update
      LTM Popup - further enhancements
      LTM Popup - last changes
      Translation DE - update
      LTM Popup - cosmetics
      Options - CP and LT Zones (UI nit)
      Remove AM/PM from time formatting (to be Locale neutral)
      Consistent handling of "seconds" and tr('seconds')
      Details - Metrics Tab (UI Nit)
      Compare Pane - sorting improvements
      Compare Pane - treatment of duration & problem when adding new metrics
      Some more AM/APs
      Translation DE - Update
      Update Translation DE
      Translation Enablement / Corrections
      Update Translation DE
      Error in "tiz" - Filter for 'hr' series
      Translate ":/Charts.XML" during import
      Translate ":/-Layout.XML" metrics charts
      ColumnChooser - Drag&Drop problem with special Characters and QT 4.6.8
      Translation Enablement
      Translation DE
      Histogram - parameter changes
      Ride-Details - 'Extra' Tab - Text Field 'Read Only' only
      Fix context menu in ride editor (QT5 only)
      Translation DE
      Translation DE
      Translation Enablement
      Wiki - Pictures - Initial delivery
      Translation DE
      Wiki - HR-vs-Power
      Small-Plot - wrong Axis Scaling and Labels
      Fix - .JSON import of chars > 127 on QT5 problem (leading to ??? in texts)
      Fix - Compare Rides-Summary Page: AvgHR, AvgPw,... = 0
      Fix - AllPlot - Smoothing
      Wiki Update

Jon Beverley (5):
      Fix Elevation Data
      Reopen window in maximised state (windows)
      Revert "Ignore"
      Change to use Qt saveState & restoreState

Jon Escombe (3):
      Detach kernel driver before claiming USB2 ANT+ interface.
      Detach kernel driver before claiming USB2 ANT+ interface.
      Don't reset ANT channel settings on search timeout

KURASHIKI Satoru (2):
      fix trivial mis-spelling.
      Merge branch 'master' into spelling

Mark Liversedge (1069):
      Hand drawn mockups for 3.1 MainWindow options
      10.9 Code Nits
      Merge pull request #645 from rclasen/fix-win
      Intervals indexes crash / parser error
      Srmio less wordy version
      Merge pull request #650 from rclasen/fix-win
      MainWindow refactor design
      MainWindow refactor design update
      Fix PWX export SEGV
      Fixup gcconfig.pri.in for Mac OSX 10.9 preview
      Update FAQ regarding Strava support
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Deprecate Strava Support
      MainWindow Refactor Part 1 of 5
      Refactor Part 1 Mac Fixups
      Fix allplot crash on daft power value
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Recognise Dave Waterworth
      Refactor MainWindow Part 2 of 5
      Fixup MainWindow refactor Part 2
      Fix src.pro accidentally removed RideWindow.qrc
      Fixup MainWindow refactor Part 2
      Fixup MainWindow refactor Part 2
      Further MainWindow Refactor Part 2 of 5
      Hide metric refresh popup
      Metric Popup Flicker
      Remove multisave from MainWindow
      Move isclean from MainWindow to Athlete
      Rename GcCalendar as DiarySidebar
      MainWindow Refactor Part 3 of 5
      Rename TrainTool to TrainSidebar
      Move allRides initialisation to Athlete
      More refactor tidying
      Move specialFields from MainWindow to Context
      Move Crash and Upgrade Processing to Athlete
      Tidy up MainWindow.cpp
      Deprecate the Bubble
      Introduce AnalysisSidebar widget
      Minor tidy up of MainWindow.cpp
      Move intervals to AnalysisSidebar
      Small Tidy up
      Fixup column chooser
      A little less MainWindow.h
      Clean MainWindow.cpp
      Calibration Messages minor update
      More MainWindow tidy
      Remove qDebug from FitRideFile
      More MainWindow tidy
      A little less MainWindow
      Fix QTFullScreen compile error
      Remove MainWindow unused
      Deprecate unused GcWindowTool
      Deprecate DatePickerDialog
      Fixup refactor SEGV in StreetView
      Fixup Athlete/DBAccess/MainWindow dependency
      More Athlete destructor
      More MainWindow Tidy
      Checkpoint TabView commit
      Move filters from MainWindow to Context
      MainWindow Refactor Part 4 of 5
      Refactor fixup resize
      More MainWindow Tidy
      Fix TrainSidebar SEGV on Exit
      BlankState fixup for MainWindow refactor
      Train Controls Temporary hack
      Remove delete ride flicker
      Train View 30s power etc
      DataFilter update for formulas
      Forgot wpk
      A lot less assert
      Fix segv on filter '(NP)'
      Fast Best and TIZ queries
      Slightly larger SearchBox
      Best and TIZ shouldn't buffer
      Fixup ridefilecache best decimals
      Animate Activity List collapse/expand
      Added collapse/expand to analysis sidebar
      Fix SEGV on close with TrainTool->Stop()
      Added Suunto xlsx file to test rides
      Remove MainWindow from TabView.cpp
      Merge pull request #679 from rclasen/fix-tcx-speed
      LTM presets UX improvement
      Merge pull request #682 from rclasen/fix-pwx
      Merge pull request #683 from rclasen/ttb-pwx
      Merge pull request #684 from jjofre/master
      Merge pull request #686 from Walibu/master
      Merge pull request #676 from lurdan/spelling
      Merge pull request #690 from dresco/master
      Merge pull request #693 from gcoco/master
      LTM Chart Settings improved UX
      LTM bars cosmetics
      Add Current to LTM presets
      Truncate Altitude values
      Show/hide scopebar with toolbar
      Plot Peak Power et al 1 of 2
      Urgent Fixup to previous commit
      Plot Peak Power et al 2 of 2
      Fix User Defined LTM durations bugs
      Hide buttons when no Tokens configured
      New Metric Percent Time In Zone
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      HR Time in Zone percent
      Interval Summary Off By 1 Error
      Add /dev/cu.usbserial as a serial device
      W' expenditure and reconstitution calculator
      Missed off previous commit.
      Add W' to All Plot
      Add Minimum W' Metric
      Disable Minimum W' Metric
      W' calculate starting from 0s
      Use W' instead of AWC on CP chart
      Calculate tau for W'
      Fix W' calculator for bad data
      Allow user to specify W' alongside CP
      Adjust layout in Preferences
      W' calculator fill gaps with zeroes
      Add NP and xPower Derived Data Series
      Add aPower
      Average aPower
      Add citation and references for aPower
      Added Effect of Altitude (%)
      Best aPower
      Histogram aPower
      Read reference lines in WKO+ files
      Add Derived Series to Ride Plot
      Fix smoothing bug in Allplot for xPower and aPower
      Fix crash on tmp reference line at 0w
      User definable color for W' bal curve
      UI Nits: Center Preferences/Options pane
      Find Matches
      UI Nits: Axis background color
      Find Matches as Intervals
      Match duration fencepost error.
      Zoom Out Menu Option
      UI Nits: Declutter ride plot
      UI Nits: Less is more
      UI Nits: Thinner reference line
      UI Nits: Less Ride Plot xBottom
      UI Nits: Back to black in QA
      UI Nits: Matches markers lower
      UI Nits: Matches markers in CWBAL color
      UI Nits: Less is more
      Remove References in Dialog
      Find Ascents
      Clear results when switch type
      LTM Speedup
      UX: Add to intervals flow
      Highlight intervals on CP Curve
      UI Nits: Less clunky CP curve
      Clean CP curve
      Reinstate 3 point CP model
      User Definable CP Model
      The CP Model has "parameters" not "points"
      Estimate CP and W' in CP Estimator
      CP Curve tmin
      Don't truncate 3 parameter CP curve
      Fix W' crash smoothing sub-second recording.
      Honour "CP" override in W'
      User definable athlete library location
      Training DB clean up gracefully
      Restart properly when home changes
      Command line parsing
      Fix show W' on AllPlot bug
      Athlete Bests on Summary
      Slight cosmetic on new Athlete bests
      Fix CP chart defaults
      Redirect stderr to goldencheetah.log
      Better Command Line Processing
      Fix stderr redirect platform issues
      Fix WIN32 build issue in main.cpp
      Adding Compare design outline
      Move uml docs to the design folder
      Date Format on Athlete Bests
      Fencepost error on CP intervals
      Better CP model defaults
      Fix CP defaults bug
      Plot CP model for derived power series
      Compare toolbar/menu option
      Compare button icon
      Update Compare Document
      Add GPS/Altitude alignment to Compare spec
      Compare Pane Mockup
      Forgot message in compare pane mockup
      Basic Compare Pane Hide/Show
      Remove qDebug() from TabView.h
      Fix events shown on LTM plots
      Compare Pane 'hpos' property
      Compare Show Animation
      Auto show compare on drag interval
      Fix auto show/hide compare pane on drag/drop
      Set GC_DEBUG for debug builds
      Compare Pane Mechanics
      Toolbar/Menu update when Compare Pane Show/Hide
      Merge pull request #731 from dresco/ANT
      Show reference lines on CP chart
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Add Filter Sidebar
      Fix LC_LOCALE on Xcode 5
      Fix LTM title filter color bug
      Fix sidebar sizing bugs
      Prefs pane sizing to font size
      Bests offset error
      Cache StressCalculator in LTMPlot
      Fix find intervals no gps/speed bug
      Windowless border on metric refresh popup
      Introduce SB Lowpoint
      Plot Background and CP chart
      Fix up CP markers
      QT5 -- 1 of 3
      QT5 -- remove old qwt
      QT5 -- Add Qwt 6.1-multiaxes
      QT5 -- QWT 6.1 canvas fixup
      QT5 -- 2 of 3
      QT5 -- Part 3 of 3
      QT5 -- Fixups for Mac build
      Cut and paste-paste error in --help output
      QT5 -- Windows Build Fixups
      QT5 -- Enable build on 4.8.4 -OR- 5.2.0
      QT5 -- Fix model reset on 4.8.x
      Model reset fixup to use begin/endResetModel
      REGRESS: Remove translateMetrics() from LTMPlot
      QT5 -- Mac fixups for building with 4.8.4
      Don't set frameworks in QWT
      Fix #if in VideoWindow
      Fix AllPlot Y-Axes
      Fix LTM chart axes
      Fix LTM plot x-axis
      Fix AllPlot display x-axis
      Revert "QT5 -- QWT 6.1 canvas fixup"
      QWT 6.1 canvas() revert and LTM ToolTip fixups
      Fix xBottom lost in AllPlot
      Data Series not Channels
      AllPlot filter points
      Fix Lucene Optional (again) !
      QHeaderView in Athlete.h for Jaime.
      PfPvPlot honour ride plot background
      Histogram Chart honour Plot Background Prefs
      Fix 3d grid when users specify background colors
      QLineEdit in RideMetadata
      LTM Plot honour plot background color
      Fix crash in select intervals in PfPvPlot
      Batch Export remembers last format/dir
      Merge pull request #736 from Tafkas/master
      Fix LTM trend line
      Fix Season serialize cut-n-paste bug
      Fix Lucene searches in Home Sidebar
      New Metric Fatigue Index
      Fix 2d crash
      Quadratic Least Squares Trend Line
      Fencepost error in LTMTrend2
      Revert last commit
      Add copyright and fix bomb character in LTMTrend2
      Fix LTM axis scale setting
      Accidentally comitted increase in trend points
      LTM chart user selectable trend lines
      Fixup SEGV and layout error
      Cosmetics tidy up chart settings
      Only show 1 model curve
      Check CPcurve is non-null before hide/show
      refresh autofilters on ride update
      Remove qdebug in ColumnChooser
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Proper fix for autofilter refresh
      Sync versions / upgrade script with v3.0 SP1
      Fixup Mac toolbar for Qt5 and Qt4 build
      Revert "Fixup Mac toolbar for Qt5 and Qt4 build"
      Add  to ExtendedCriticalPower.cpp
      AllPlot Stacked by Series
      Remove errant qDebug statements
      Remove ScopeBar from MainWindow
      Move Cocoa release pool to main
      Fixup Stack By Series
      Fixup Stack View Zooming
      Zoom to really large
      Fixup Compare Drag-N-Drop
      Fix compile error on stackZoomWidth
      RideNavigator no scrollbar on QT5
      oopsie on #ifdef
      MainWindow Refactor Part 5 of 5 - TABBED ATHLETES
      Missing  in MainWindow.h
      Tabbed Athlete Fixups
      Show/Hide tabbar as needed
      Remove tabbar from context save/restore
      Add  to GoldenCheetah.cpp
      DocumentMode and UnifiedTitleAndToolbar
      Update SaveDialogs for Tabbed Athletes
      Refresh Popup on First Run
      Add Close Button to Athlete Tab
      Mac MainWindow Crash Fixes
      Increase Starting LTS limits
      ComparePane: setDropAction on drop event
      Drag onto athlete tab to switch tabs
      Interval Compare Pane
      UI Nits: Interval Compare Pane
      ComparePane Qt5 fixups
      Fix Season Encoding for drag/drop
      DateRange Compare Pane
      UI Nits: Mac and QT5 Toolbar
      Fix SEGV on date range compare pane
      Checkpoint ComparePane now toggles off/on
      UI Nits: Fusion Style on QT5 only
      Compare Mode Connected Up
      RideSummary Compare Mode
      Compare Seasons fixups
      RideSummary Honours CheckBoxes
      Handle Compare Pane Sort
      Fix compare pane sorting
      CP Plot Fixups
      Fix SEGV on CP picker in Compare Mode
      Compare Button Change to Red when on
      Fix Glitch for CP Compare Intervals
      More CP Fixups
      Use source context in CP compare mode
      CP honour Appearances setting for Linewidth
      Small fix for Centile SEGV
      Include  for QT5
      Merge pull request #746 from jjofre/master
      AllPlot Compare Mode
      Fixup ComparePane to derive xPower, NP et al
      Fix allplot Compare mode refresh
      Disable reference lines in compare mode
      Fix 'Fix Tools' being called
      PfPv Compare Nits
      UI Nits: PfPv / QA refresh issues
      Sneak in for dev builds
      Fix compare by time / by distance bug
      UI Nits: Colorblind
      Fix Ride plot zone shading for series stack
      AllPlot Paint Zones in Compare Mode
      Hide empty series plots in compare mode
      Fixed Estimated VO2MAX metric
      UI Nits: Mac Athlete Tab Bar
      UI Nits: Prettify Mac Toolbar for QT5
      Forgot to increment the DB Schema!
      UI Nits: Qt5 Toolbar color when inactive
      Don't auto open athlete that crashed
      Fix WKO import - another optpad constant
      Fix Mass Import Memory Exhaustion
      ANT+ Don't write 5 blank bytes
      Compromise on import
      What's in a name ?
      RideNavigator - activities become rides
      Fixup renaming of Views
      CP chart settings into tabs
      Fix sidebar resiziung bug
      CompareInterval ridefilecache
      Refactor arrays out of PowerHist class
      Histogram Window Interval Compare Mode
      Histogram Compare Axis Scaling Fixup
      Histogram Compare Fixup
      Compare Pane Don't Add Metrics already there
      Compare RideFileCache Optimisation
      Golden Ratio for Grouped Bars
      HistogramWindow remove legend
      Fixup compare interval refresh
      Fixup Histogram Compare Zones
      Merge pull request #737 from Tafkas/master
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Histogram Compare Date Ranges
      Disable Metric Histogram Compare
      Histogram Compare Metric
      Fix Histogram SEGV and Speed
      Histogram Golden Ratio for Zone Columns
      Merge pull request #766 from Walibu/master
      Add more Suunto Ambit test rides
      Fix PMC LTM SEGV
      Optimise W' calculation
      Add W'bal Metrics
      Added W' Tau as a metric
      Added W' expenditure metric
      Enable use of Minimum W' bal in data filter
      Minimum CP for W'bal going negative
      Fix DIV/0 SEGV with WPrime
      Fix temperature curve
      Fix W'bal calculation
      W' Work
      Autosolve CP for Min W'bal +/- 3w
      Revert "ANT+ Don't write 5 blank bytes"
      Fix WPrime spline starts from 0
      WPrime interpolation fixup
      WPrime don't crash on bad data
      New Metric W' Exp
      Red text in summary for W'bal below zero
      W' Exp rename W' Expended
      Less bounds checking on W'bal calculation
      W'bal use threads
      Fix DIV0 SEGV
      Add W'bal chart to default setup
      Potentiall fix crash on Pickers
      Fix WPrime CP lookup SEGV
      Update WPrime comment
      Fix delete SEGV
      Plot Predicted W'bal in Train mode
      W'bal decay to infinity
      W'bal decay set to 1hr, infinite not practical
      Add rrData signal in ANT and Robot
      LTM Data View
      LTM Data Table Fixups
      Fix SEGV on bad file/header in FitRideFile
      LTM Data Labels
      LTM Labels Fixes
      Diary View Defaults
      Fix SEGV on data labels with 1 data point
      Fix Data Label placement of last point
      LTM labels on topN
      Labels for topN need a bit more spacing
      Fix rrData signal error
      LTM Data Table Fixups
      Fix ErgFilePlot xBottom Axis
      Tidy up y axis on ErgFilePlot
      Revert "Fix SEGV on bad file/header in FitRideFile"
      Another attempt to fix SEGV in FitRideFile
      LTM Data Table headings fixup
      LTM Stack Plot Mode
      LTM Stack refresh on first click of 'show stack'
      LTM Stack Zoom Slider
      Small circle topN
      Fix shading zorder
      Merge pull request #787 from jjofre/master
      Compare mode for LTM
      Update Default Trend View
      LTM Compare Fixup legend
      LTM Compare Fixup Markers
      LTM Compare Fixup Tooltip
      AllPlot isolate curve on mouse over
      AllPlot Isolate on Axis Hover
      AllPlot Series Stack Sizes
      Ride Plot Isolate curve on click
      Ride plot SEGV on reference lines
      Ride Plot Isolate Curve Fixup
      Reference Lines only when Plotting Power
      Ride Plot Isolate Curve Fixup for Compare Mode
      Optimise out WPrime in AllPlot
      Merge pull request #792 from jjofre/master
      Ride Plot Highlight Interval on Hover
      Ignore entire ride interval on hover highlight
      WKO+ Interval Markers
      QwtPicker SEGV possibly on missing axis
      Fix the labels in the ride plot in QT5
      QT5.2.1 Unified Title ToolBar Update
      Qt 5.2.1 Unified Toolbar Cosmetic
      Fixup Qt5.2.1 Unified Toolbar Cosmetics
      Enable Hide Toolbar for QT5.2.1
      Fix flicker on show/hide toolbar/tabbar
      More UnifiedTitleToolbar Fixups
      Ride Tab Grab focus on startup
      Histogram Polarized Zone Option
      Fix with zero for polarised zones
      Limit the CP autosolve for W'bal
      Fix W' work metric
      Fixup polarised zones for compare mode
      Add Data Labels to Histogram Zones
      Tone down the toolbar shading
      QT5.2 Remove VLC Dependency
      Polarised Adjust Z2 to 85-100% of CP
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Allow drag and drop ride for compare
      Compare Intervals now Compare Rides and Intervals
      Zone Array is a count not time
      Scale Y-Axis on Ride Plot
      AllPlot Zooming Cosmetics
      Add Acceleration Data Series
      Invisible handles on AllPlot
      Add Acceleration to the RideFileCache
      Add Acceleration to CP curve
      3 minutes of acceleration bests is enough
      Acceleration is m/s/s
      Fixup CP interval plot
      Merge pull request #810 from stigbd/master
      Delta Watts, Torque, Cadence and HR
      Tidy Up Delta Series
      Delta Series Fixups
      Small Tidy up of AllPlot Settings
      Fixup Unicode 'Delta' character
      Fix SEGV on clear selection in RideEditor
      Fix RideEditor SEGV on rideselected (!)
      Delta character in CP settings
      Version History update for v3.0-SP2
      Fix compile error in LogTimeScaleDraw
      W'bal line thickness
      Fix Fatigue Index Calculation
      Rudimentary Pacing Index
      Add Configuration for Train View Color
      Moving to less border space
      Reverse last commit re spacing
      Replace Tabbar with a Scopebar
      Fix Scope/ChartBar Font Size on Windows
      TabBar to ScopeBar Mac Fixups
      Update ChartBar button text
      Honour Font preferences in Side/Scope/Chart bar
      ChartBar Buttons in a QScrollArea
      UX Fixups
      Little More Background Honour
      More Charts honouring Colors Preferences
      Less subtley on interval hover
      Fixup button bar with lots of texts
      Oops needed to set Min Width not Fixed
      Fix LTM legend colours
      Fix stylesheet for 'More...' when config changes
      Fix SEGV on add chart with Qt5
      HrPw honours background color preferences
      TreeMap plot honour background colors
      PMC Chart honour background
      Bing Map honour background
      3d plot honour background color
      Always signal when color changed
      Aerolab honour background colors
      Colors.h missing in ModelPlot.cpp
      Fix Palette for Details
      Add Power 'heat' to RideFileCache
      Fix ButtonBar paint error
      Add Heat to CP chart.
      CP heat is only below the curve
      Fix Mac SEGV
      Stress Metric Prototypes
      Aerobic TISS fixup
      Fix AllPlot SEGV on Compare
      Mouse Over Interval List to Highlight
      Clear Compare Pane
      QT Mac support is shit
      Attempt to fix aPower calculation
      CP plot ride as %age of best
      CP pointHover
      CP pointHover fixup
      More CP plot fixups
      Remove errant qDebug statements
      More CP fixups
      Rename LTM to Metric Trends
      PfPv dots brush
      Implement Interval Hover in PfPv
      PfPv fixups
      Bit of transparency on PfPv
      Fix SEGV in Histogram when clearing compare
      Fix CP scale for percent
      Add Interval Markers to PfPv
      PfPv hover color to interval color
      Fix Time In Quadran Marker Color
      Added Hover on PfPv
      CP chart now has reveal controls
      CP Heat now shown at bottom of chart
      Unreveal timer runs forever!!!
      Less event processing in HomeWindow
      Don't define a class inside a method
      Less event filtering
      Fix CP chart reveal controls on QT5
      .gitignore updated
      Anaerobic TISS
      Added TISS Aerobicity metric
      Updated Gompertz for an-TISS
      Anaerobic TISS update for RideFile
      CP Code Wash before Refactor
      CPPlot.cpp C++ Code Prettify
      CP Refactor 1 of 3
      Copyright message update for CP chart
      CP Refactor 2 of 3
      CP Refactor 3 of 3
      CP plot handling empty rides
      Remove CP friend class
      Please ignore this commit
      Check null in CPPlot setRide
      Add IntervalHover to Histogram Chart
      Hide hover when ride changes
      Improve compatibility with Dropbox
      Missed off previous commit
      Better Default Colors
      Introducing GCColor::css() to style HTML
      CSS extended a little
      Add Model to Summary
      RideSummary cosmetics
      Changing colors in Ride Plot
      Prettier grid lines in ride plot
      CP Chart gets grid back
      Fix ScatterPlot interval and framing
      Grid style in 2d same as PfPv
      Add pointHover to ScatterPlot
      CP plot cosmetics
      Merge pull request #838 from ibooij/fix_pmc_crash
      Move grid to back CPPlot
      Merge pull request #840 from ibooij/fix_crash_in_qtfullscreen
      CP Chart Overlay
      Truncate W'bal going hugely negative
      Added some code comments
      Add menu button to chart bar
      Add Chart now back on Chart Bar
      Some notes on what's new in GC 3.1
      Smaller font on CP widget
      Add Vector/Rotor TE and PS data series
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Add Vector data series to ride plot
      Fix CPPlot SEGV
      liboauth is optional
      Add Averages for Pedal Data
      Updated release notes
      Add Pedal Data to Scatter Plot
      Add Vector data series to ride editor
      Fix CP as percent tooltip
      Fixup CP and AllPlot
      RideNavigator honour Colour Prefs
      Interval Summary Sidebar Colors
      LTM Sidebar honour Colors
      Train Sidebar / Diary Summary Colors
      RideNavigator line 1px too long
      RideNavigator background 1px wider
      Compare Pane honours color prefs
      Fix going negative on setAlpha
      Remove dialog in cp model calculation
      MultiCalendar Sidebar honors color prefs
      Take Model parameters off Summary
      CPPlot y-axis for power
      Less transparency on LTM charts
      Blank State white background
      Fix RideNavigator white background
      Time Format is always hh:mm:ss and 24 hour clock
      Fix AllPlot colour changes
      Fix color change on ridesummarywindow
      Fix Activity Log Search/Filter
      Fix blank ride plot in compare mode
      Fix horizontal scrollers
      Merge pull request #856 from ibooij/fix_crash_when_dataseries_is_empty
      Allow Multiple Helper Widgets
      CPPlot warning to qDebug
      Allow Interactive Widgets in GcOverlayWidget
      Add *.pri to .gitgnore
      Faster W'bal algorithm
      Dialog deleteLater() om HomeWindow
      Sort out Zones.cpp code formatting
      Veloclinic Multicomponent Model
      QPixmap::grabWidget() deprecated
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Tidy Preferences Passwords Dialog
      Hide legend titles for trends/outliers/bests
      Fix cp2-20 to not use t0 !
      Fix 2 parameter CP .. again
      Andy Froncioni W'bal optiimsation (contd)
      Fix Allplot Axis Labels
      Fix AllPlot Ticks Error
      Fix LTM labels metric conversion bug
      Merge pull request #859 from Deadolus/Strava-fix
      Michael Puchowicz Models
      Tidy up 'Variant' label in CP settings
      Basic Themes Support
      CP Chart can now export bests data
      Revert "Fix Allplot Axis Labels"
      Merge pull request #861 from rclasen/issue-582
      Multicomponent model, default alpha to 0
      Fix DBAccess QT5 Measures Bug
      Fix Measures Plotting in LTM
      Fix Pace Format in Interval Summary
      Fix W bal plotting by distance
      Don't enforce Z1 start at zero
      Highlight lowest and highest on LTM plot
      Aggregating ignore zeroes
      Add build info on Mac
      Fix scatter reveal controls sync with settings
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Merge pull request #865 from Walibu/master
      Fix comments in RideFileCache::meanMaxPowerFor()
      MetricAggregator Model Refresh (Part 1 of 3)
      MetricAggregator Model Refresh (Part 2 of 3)
      Metric Aggregator Model Refresh (Part 3a of 3abc)
      Metric Aggregator Model Refresh (Part 3b of 3abc)
      Fix SEGV on bounds check LTMPlot
      Temp FIX for SEGV on data table for estimates
      Fix QProgressDialog centering
      Fixup default color to use theme colors
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      CP history fixups
      Added ExtendedModel to the Metric Estimate
      Skip zero estimates
      Hide CP helper in compare mode
      Fixup ExtendedModel
      Notes colors background -or- foreground
      Update 3.1 release notes
      Fix SEGV on empty HomeWindow
      Get around '-' button size on a Mac
      Ignore dates before 1990 in Model Estimation
      Only refresh model estimates when needed
      Fix gcc compile time warnings
      Plot Model Estimates on LTM
      Ride list colour subtly
      If W' is configured in KJ convert to Joules
      Ride list accent bar on Mac Qt<5 or Non-Mac
      Fix CP heat age cosmetic glitch
      Merge pull request #875 from Joern-R/pull
      Accent sidebar on ridelist right height
      Recompute Metrics on W' change
      Add recent contributors
      Extend Theme color coverage
      Added Schoberer Color Scheme
      Tweak Alt default to light gray
      Add Overlay to AllPlot
      Be consistent - 'Overlay' not 'Show Overlay'
      Refactor CPPlot to use new PDModel
      Mustang theme highlight
      Notes keyword "Reverse" to set fg color
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Fix RideFile::getWeight() Withings bug
      CP w/kg fixups
      Release notes update
      Merge pull request #879 from Joern-R/pull
      Center the Preferences Icons
      Make ConfigDialog bigger on Mac too
      Add Model Data to CP export
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Deprecate the old PMC
      Update Trends Default
      Speed up Withings Download
      Add Athlete Weight Metric
      Fix interval metrics that use CP and Weight
      WPK metrics need 2 decimals not 1
      RideFile(RideFile*) can set context too
      Lactate not Lactic Threshold
      Fixup Compare to Use RideFile(Ride*)
      CPPlot Show Best Option
      Compare mode CP plots model
      Tweak ride list accent bar
      CP Delta Compare Part 1 of 2
      CP Delta Compare Part 2a of 2a/b
      CP Delta Compare Part 2b of 2a/b
      Merge pull request #886 from Joern-R/pull
      Fix Veloclinic Model Variant Selection
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Fix LTM Plot Legend Colors in Compare
      Set Default W' in Athlete Zones
      Add Ae-An Stress Chart to default layout
      Add ScatterPlot to the default ride layout
      Appearances config to hide ride scrollbar
      Style the ridelist scrollbar on non-mac
      Less Intrusive Sidebar Scrollers
      Oh. Only Linux for Scrollbars
      Allow Heading to be hidden in ride list
      Fix HrPw marker colors
      Fix x axis on CP plot compare
      More messing with ride list scrollbar
      Prettify Scrollbars for Windows
      Fix LTM Zone display
      Fix Autofilter duplicates
      Accidentally changed index offset in last commit
      Comment on QTBUG-38685
      Fixup Windows Scrollbars on QT5
      Disable QProgressDialog on QT5.3 Mac
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      Centile plot honour color config
      W' Work Calculation
      Ride list header style
      More modest scrollbar handles
      Ridelist green text now uses accent color
      Fix Sidebar width resize
      Fixup RideNavigator heading glitch
      Fix compare all plot smoothing of 0
      CP settings nit
      Fixup Ride List Background Scroller
      Settings.h typo
      Tidy WebKit Scrollbars
      Webkit scrollbar Mac styling
      Scrollbars on AllPlotWindow
      Scrollbars on LTM
      Activity Log Scrollbar
      Default font size should be 10 not 12
      More default font fixup
      Fix stylesheet/palette gotcha on AllPlot
      Mac CSS Scrollbar fix
      Mac ride list nit
      Keep the box on ride list for Mac
      Fix ScrollBar in HomeWindow
      Trap WindowStateChange in MainWindow
      Sidebar RideNavigator show/hide glitch
      Make Preferences/Options Resizable
      Bit more space in Prefs
      Fixup scrollbar width on Mac
      More css scrollbar nonsense
      Merge pull request #892 from Joern-R/pull
      Merge pull request #893 from Joern-R/pull
      Fixup Fix for MergeActivityWizard crash
      Remove unneeded bool in MergeWizard
      Another Scrollbar ..
      Fixup Metadata Styling on Linux
      Merge pull request #896 from Joern-R/pull
      RideEditor Cosmetics
      Window Style Part 1 of 3
      Window Style Part 2 of 3
      Windows Style Part 3 of 3
      Fix QStringSpinBox Style
      Fix Overlay Widget
      Fix RideNvigator coloring
      Fix Overlay Widget Title Glitch
      Scrollbar hover highlight
      Slightly wider scrollbars
      Mac now honours flat theme
      CP Plot Delta as Percent
      Fix tooltip for Compare Delta Percent
      Fixup Mac compile on QT < 5
      Fix compile error on Mac < QT 5
      Flat Titlebar not supported on QT < 5 on Mac
      Merge pull request #898 from Joern-R/pull
      Show Model Estimates on Summary
      Show model parameters on a ride summary
      Just use FTP not FTP / MMP60
      Invert Color by Luminance
      Wait 10s for threads to finish when closing
      Better handling of dark chrome
      Fix calendar colors
      Fix QtConcurrent on QT < 5
      Only need to wait on exit in QT 5.3
      Athlete Tabs Background honour config
      Fix RideNavigator right click
      Remove errant qDebug
      Calendar Chart now honours colour preferences
      No smoothing applied when smooth < recIntSecs
      Turn smoothing OFF if smooth < recIntSecs
      Don't allow 0 smoothing in compare mode
      Merge pull request #903 from Joern-R/pull1
      Fix time tooltip on AllPlot
      Fix useMetric in Scatter plot
      Fix color or red wavy line text
      Fix new CP chart show bests
      Darker flat chrome Linux/Win
      Fix Overlay Widget colors
      Fix Date Range Drag and Drop
      Merge pull request #905 from Joern-R/pull1
      Compare Pane Table better color support
      Merge pull request #906 from Joern-R/pull1
      Move wpk array next to watts array in cache
      Clear Interval Summary on Ride Selection
      Add WPK estimates to PDEStimates
      Show w/kg J/kg estimates on Ride Summary
      Add Estimates /kg to LTMPlot
      Merge pull request #907 from Joern-R/pull1
      Searchbox rounded corners
      Fix ComparePane quickfire drag and drop crash
      Move LTM Preset charts to Athlete class
      Fix quickfire exit crash
      Fix Preset maintenance in LTM tool
      Fixed LTM charts.xml read/write
      Added CP History and PMC to default charts
      Fix crash on apply preset with BESTS data
      Undo accidental push of Upgrade WIP
      Move editor to end of charts
      Updated Metadata.xml
      Reinstate show() for new charts in tile mode
      Merge pull request #911 from Joern-R/pull1
      Fix Map redisplay QT4.8 and Windows
      Fixup interval select in Maps
      Less precsision on W' J/KG
      Chart Library Part 1 of 3
      Charts Icon
      Chart Library Part 2 of 3
      Merge pull request #912 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #913 from Joern-R/pull-l1
      New Default Trends Layout
      Remove Chart sidebar menu indicator
      Fix ChartBar Button Sizes on Mac
      Updates to Trends stress chart
      Merge pull request #914 from Joern-R/pull2
      Enable Curve Isolation on Trends chart
      Show/Hide Labels on Curve Isolate
      Isolate Curve Labels but not Vertical Markers
      LTM Marker colors
      Fixup initial geometry and positioning
      Don't wait - cancel - the pd estimate thread
      Fix font selection
      Mac Web Fonts
      Merge pull request #917 from Joern-R/pull1
      Model Estimate Progress
      Allow Fullscreen Startup
      Add HrPw to the default layout
      HrPw color prefs and style
      Confirm popup on reset layout
      Less Obtrusive Update on Estimate Task
      Model Estimate Fixups
      Use w/kg units always, not wpk
      Apply stylesheet to ride metadata
      Merge pull request #925 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #926 from Joern-R/pull2
      CPLOTGRID used for Metadata Borders
      Fixup QTextEdit stylesheet
      Merge pull request #927 from olympum/master
      CP clean up
      Merge pull request #928 from Joern-R/pull1
      Add dummy PD estimate if none computed
      Fix W' glitch of distance jumps to 0
      Fix LTM curve config nits
      Add metric count to about box
      Added Endurance Index to PD Model
      Filter out estimates
      Merge pull request #929 from Joern-R/pull2
      Revert "Filter out estimates"
      Filter unreasonable model estimates
      Add Cheetah icon back to About box
      Add Endurance Index to CP overlay
      Fix SEGV in LTMtool add curve
      Fix SEGV on CP export with no model
      Add TSS per hour metric
      Pedalling metrics, ignore zeroes in Average
      Add Group By ALL to LTM
      Sidebar summary honor color changes
      DataFilter handle metadata numerics
      Merge pull request #930 from Joern-R/pull1
      Remove unneeded #define
      Metric Aggregation ::aggregateZero() method
      Fix Average Temperature Issues
      Merge pull request #931 from Joern-R/pullpopup
      Forgot to set aggregateZero() to true for Temperature !
      Fix column chooser in activity log
      Merge pull request #932 from Joern-R/pull-l1
      Add Temperature to Season Summary
      Tooltip Color
      Fix LTMCanvasPicker SEGV on delete tab
      Fix W'bal series plot pan zooming
      W'bal use kJ not J on AllPlot Axis
      Fix V Alignment for Stack Series
      3d plot honor CPLOTMARKER
      Add 3d plot to standard layout
      3d plot code update
      Remove 3d from default layout
      Remove Orphaned Widget in HomeWindow !
      Add 3d back to default layout
      3.1 Upgrade Processing Part 1 of 3
      3.1 Upgrade Processing Part 2 of 3
      Merge pull request #933 from Joern-R/pull1
      3.1 Upgrade Processing Part 3 of 3
      Add TISS to default metadata.xml
      Tidy up warnings (Linux)
      Fix Windows QT5 Paths
      Windows Libusb / UsbXpress should be optional
      Fix SEGV on QuarqRideFile Windows QT5
      Fix redefinition of signal in RideNavigator
      Disable Drag/Drop Ride on Windows QT 5
      Clear Web caches between restarts
      Antialias is now on BY DEFAULT
      Default linewidth smaller
      Use QT 5 Video Playback
      Remove qDebug from NullController
      For Pete and his Son
      Fix Library/GoldenCheetah bug
      Fixup a few string literal from QVariant issues
      Fix up Library/GoldenCheetah and GC_HOMEDIR
      Fix SEGV and more when athlete home changed
      Fix 2secs ride plot fencepost errors
      A bit of transparency on reveal controls
      Add TRIMP based PMC to charts.xml
      Merge pull request #943 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #944 from Joern-R/pull2
      TRUE/FALSE are case sensitive
      Fix SEGV when old charts.xml present
      Merge pull request #946 from Walibu/master
      Merge pull request #947 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #948 from Joern-R/pull2
      GC_VIDEO_XXX Configuration
      GC_VIDEO_XXX Configuration (windows)
      Enable Drag/Drop on QT 5 > 5.3.1 on Ride List
      GC_VIDEO_XXX Configuration (mac)
      Merge pull request #949 from Joern-R/pull3
      Merge pull request #950 from Joern-R/pull4
      Merge pull request #951 from Joern-R/pull5
      Merge pull request #952 from Joern-R/pull6
      Merge pull request #953 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #954 from Joern-R/pull2
      Merge pull request #955 from Joern-R/pull3
      GProgressBar honour Theme Flat/Mac
      GProgressDialog Mac QT 5.3.1 fixups
      Change 'Classic' theme
      Classic theme accent color
      Fix W'bal compare mode
      Merge pull request #959 from spenneb/master
      Add Ralf Spenneberg to contributors
      Zoom AllPlot a bit bigger
      Fixup CP chart
      Fixup trend line migration
      Fixup Ride Editor icon text color
      w/kg even in imperial !
      Fix W'bal on Erg Plot
      W'bal on ErgPlot always starts at 0
      Fix delta compare intervals x-axis
      Add Sidebar to Release Notes
      Add Video support in version string
      Fix Estimates on LTM Data Table
      Version 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE
      Ride Plot Refresh Bug
      Fix Compare Histogram Zone labels
      Export LTM Chart Data Option
      PfPv Plot Quadrant Markers Colors
      First Draft of Content for New 3.1 Website
      Merge pull request #964 from rclasen/srm-overflow
      Add Support for PWX "title" field
      GProgressDialog Move and no ESC to close !
      GC Science Docs
      Only hide model estimates when W' < 1kJ
      Enable selection of W'bal formula
      W'bal invalidate and recompute
      Set the title when adding a chart
      Limit W' bal integral exp Decay to TAU * 3
      W'bal integral calculation speed up
      Version 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 2
      Below CP Work + W' Work = Total Work
      Merge pull request #969 from Joern-R/pull1
      Added error checking to Twitter OAuth
      Fix SEGV on Y-axis Widget in Trend Chart
      Merge pull request #971 from Joern-R/pull2
      Unzoom fails on CP Plot
      Distinguish Kickr ANT+ Power Device
      Kickr Constants
      Merge pull request #977 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #978 from Joern-R/pull2
      Merge pull request #981 from Joern-R/pull4
      Merge pull request #979 from Joern-R/pull3
      Merge pull request #982 from Joern-R/pull5
      Merge pull request #983 from Joern-R/pull1
      AllPlot Calibration Markers Tweak
      Joule GPS static member compile nit
      Altitude on a fullplot scaling
      Altitude Ticks Nit
      Strava Upload Fix Candidate
      Default Weight Refresh
      Add Jon Beverley to Contributors
      Fix Tools Visual Feedback
      Fix Elevation LUW/Command Fixup
      Fix Elevation Warn Internet Required
      Estimated vo2max should be a peak
      Merge pull request #989 from Joern-R/pull2
      Honour MapQuest terms of service
      Fatal Dialog not QDebug
      Version 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 3
      Refresh Series Stack when ByDistance changes
      Defer "Fix Elevation" tool to 3.2
      Updated GC Science Doc
      Merge pull request #992 from Joern-R/pull3
      Merge pull request #993 from Joern-R/pull4
      Fix Column Widths Nit
      Merge pull request #994 from amtriathlon/master
      Review of Science docs
      Strava upload Use "id" not "upload_id"
      Merge pull request #997 from Joern-R/pull5
      Lightweight JSON Parser
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah
      ShareDialog Fixup
      Version 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 4
      Merge pull request #998 from Joern-R/pull1
      Merge pull request #999 from Joern-R/pullwiki
      WASP packet protocol document
      Hr:Pw marker color nit
      Merge pull request #1003 from Joern-R/pull1
      remove global QApplication *application
      Merge pull request #1002 from jonbev/WindowsWindowState
      Merge pull request #1008 from Joern-R/pull2
      Don't blank CP chart in trends
      Merge pull request #1010 from Joern-R/pull3
      Add Lactate Threshold section to Science Doc
      Avoid saveState() warning on object name
      3.1 Release Notes
      3.1 FAQ Updates
      Minor fixup to FAQ
      Science doc update from review
      "Fix" some cppcheck warnings
      Merge pull request #1012 from Joern-R/pull4
      Merge pull request #1015 from Joern-R/pull5
      Merge pull request #1016 from Joern-R/pull7
      Merge pull request #1017 from Joern-R/pullwiki1
      Version 3.1 Release

Rainer Clasen (13):
      SrmDevice: fix writing srmio data
      inlude srmio version + commit in about dialog
      make srmio details in version dialog conditionally
      Tcx: fix speed in summary information
      fix PWX export: handle end of gaps gracefully.
      fix PWX export: always write summarydata
      PWX export: keep timestamp + distance precision
      PWX: read/write temperature
      use pwx for Trainingstagebuch upload
      fix timestamps after gaps in SRM files
      SrmRideFile: don't assert() on bad file version
      SrmRideFile: handle EOF while reading chunks
      SrmRideFile: handle datacnt overflow

Ralf Spenneberg (1):
      Edge 1000 added

Simon Egli (Silzo) (1):
      Fix for slightly different Strava export Format

Stig B. Dørmænen (1):
      Made the fault handling in TPDownload a little more user friendly

Tom Weichmann (1):
      Made Manual Rides honor Imperial/Metric setting, made time use AM/PM if using imperial units (we shold prob have a seperate setting for time format) and fixed distance decimal issue.

Walter (3):
      using milliseconds for delta_t when calculating speed, supports Suunto Ambit gpx datafiles
      added power value from Suunto .gpx file and minor fix with 0 Altitude values if importing .tcx files
      Fix error about missing qtsolutions/config.pri with Qt 5

Walter Bürki (1):
      adding hr,cad,power,temp of Suunto Ambit gpx files

alexdelli (1):
      Added Support for Elite Supercrono PowerMag

dawedawe (1):
      fix wording: "executage" -> "executable"

gcoco (20):
      Support Twitter API 1.1
      Kurt Kinetic Road Machine PowerCurve fix
      Assert cleanup
      Code corrections/cleanup
      Minor comment correction
      Get rid of qwt compile error about format string.
      Add Garmin Forerunner 910XT
      Update missing file in Makefile
      Add missing )
      Merge pull request #900 from dawedawe/master
      Correct/consistent use of #include 
      Remove subtitle data
      Blank Summary subtitle
      Fix case for dwmapi.h
      Add missing semicolon
      Document Global Message 104 - battery
      Add Fenix2 to Garmin Devices