Full Change Log

$ git checkout release_3.0.1
$ git shortlog v3.0-SP2 ^v3.0-SP1

Christian Stade-Schuldt (3):
      Added virtual power support for Tacx Blue Twist trainer
      Added virtual power support for Tacx Blue Motion trainer
      added Tacx Blue Twist and Tacx Blue Motion to Device Wizard

Damien (6):
      AerobicDecoupling: Correct formula     fix #721
      AllPlot: Handle noTemp with no smooth fix #634
      FitRideFile: correct issue with unknown field type in fit file     fix #724
      FitRideFile: We may need to add string support
      FitRideFile: wrong copy-paste
      GoogleMapControl: Small fix for Google Map     fix #814

Gareth Coco (1):
      Update translations for upcoming release

Jaime Jofre (1):
      Fixes issue #791

Mark Liversedge (7):
      Increase Starting LTS limits
      Fix WKO import - another optpad constant
      Compromise on import
      Fix SEGV on bad file/header in FitRideFile
      Revert "Fix SEGV on bad file/header in FitRideFile"
      Another attempt to fix SEGV in FitRideFile
      Release 3.0-SP2

Stig B. Dørmænen (1):
      Made the fault handling in TPDownload a little more user friendly

Walter (1):
      using milliseconds for delta_t when calculating speed, supports Suunto Ambit gpx datafiles

alexdelli (1):
      Added Support for Elite Supercrono PowerMag