Full Change Log

$ git checkout release_3.0.0
$ git shortlog v3.0-SP1 ^v3.0

Christian Stade-Schuldt (1):
      Updated Tacx Satori Virtual Power values

Damien (16):
      CsvRideFile: add temperature and hill slope (%) parsing for ibike csv file
      Bin2RideFile: Changes in Summary pages for Data version 5
      Bin2RideFile: correct bug for some GPS data
      JouleDevice: Remove debug lines
      JouleDevice: Remove debug lines
      Aerolab: Add a constant altitude option
      GoogleMap: Little fix
      ShareDialog 2/3 : For version 3.0.1
      FitRideFile: Add Calibration Event parsing
      Correction for release_3.0.0 branch
      AllPlot: plot references lines
      OAuthDialog: Remove qDebug()
      ShareDialog: Manage null error message
      ShareDialog: Add upload to CyclingAnalytics and SelfLoops
      FitRideFile: Correction for last Garmin firmware updates     In last Garmin firmware there is some (unknow) fields with multi
      FitRideFile: - Add Left/Right TorqueEff and Left/Rigth PedalSmooth                  - Open Truncated file

Dave Waterworth (2):
      Fix Tacx Fortius Device Support
      More Fortius Fixes

Eric Johnson (1):
      Use float division when converting wheel size

G Coco (2):
      Reinstate Twitter functionality
      Merge StraveDialog and RideWithGPSDialog

Gareth Coco (3):
      Website updates for Version 3.0     (cherry picked from commit fb339a527b7937ef8141b90af81cd2fd8017f891)
      assert cleanup
      Update translation source files

Jaime (1):
      Work around to ensure controller key presses aren't missed.  Borrowed from Fortius.cpp

Jon Escombe (3):
      Detach kernel driver before claiming USB2 ANT+ interface.
      Don't reset ANT channel settings on search timeout
      Don't reset ANT channel settings on search timeout

Mark Liversedge (18):
      Fixup Fit File issue
      Fix PWX export SEGV
      Deprecate Strava Support
      Fix allplot crash on daft power value
      Recognise Dave Waterworth
      Merge pull request #694 from gcoco/release_3.0.0
      Truncate Altitude values
      Interval Summary Off By 1 Error
      Add /dev/cu.usbserial as a serial device
      Merge pull request #713 from gcoco/qwt-fix
      V3.0 SP1 RC1 Update
      Fix LC_LOCALE on Xcode 5
      Fix findBests when no speed/gps
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0' of https://github.com/GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah into release_3.0.0
      Batch Export remembers last format/dir
      Fix 3d grid when users specify background colors
      Fix SEGV if metric not available
      V3.1 SP1 (3.0.1) released

Rainer Clasen (9):
      SrmDevice: fix writing srmio data
      inlude srmio version + commit in about dialog
      make srmio details in version dialog conditionally
      Tcx: fix speed in summary information
      fix PWX export: handle end of gaps gracefully.
      fix PWX export: always write summarydata
      PWX export: keep timestamp + distance precision
      PWX: read/write temperature
      use pwx for Trainingstagebuch upload

Walter B├╝rki (1):
      adding hr,cad,power,temp of Suunto Ambit gpx files

gcoco (5):
      Support Twitter API 1.1
      Twitter API change
      Kurt Kinetic Road Machine PowerCurve fix
      Get rid of qwt compile error about format string.
      Add Garmin Forerunner 910XT