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Alejandro Martinez (49):
      Change Pace metric to follow metric/imperial units as configured
      Automatic CdA and Crr Estimation in Aerolab
      Add es and pt translation files set lang default according to system default
      Enable metrics translations     The code setting metric names and units was moved from constructors to     an initialize method, to be called after translator initialization.     English Name is preserved as InternalName for metadata.xlm compatibility     in metric override.     Q_DECLARE_TR_FUNCTIONS(class-name) macro is used to set tr() context     when class-name is not QObject sub-class.
      Enable translation on LeftRight metric
      Enable Metadata translation     This patch keeps the original english name of SpecialFields and SpecialTabs     as internalName, to preserve compatibility, while it uses a translated     displayName for user interfase in other languages.
      Enable translations in RideSummary     Includes default zone descriptions
      Enable AllPlot and Aerolab translations     Also update spanish translation
      Enable PerfPlot and PfPvPlot translations     Also includes a minor change in LTMSidebar
      Enable LTM Translations     Includes translation of default chart names, these     should be in sync with those defined in charts.xml
      Enable DataProcessor Translation     Also includes download instructions translation
      Enable Colors translations     Includes loading translations for system dialogs and     using default units according to system settings
      Enable Rho and Twitter translations
      Enable 3d chart translations
      Enable HomeWindow Translations
      New metricsDetails method in LTMTools
      Translate metrics names and units
      Enable Diary Translations
      Enable chart names translation
      Enable RideNavigator Translation
      Enable RideFile seriesName translation     Also changed all references to QObject::tr for a version with the proper context
      Translate axis labels LTMPlot     Fixes #29
      Enable Measures Translation     For use in LTM metrics list
      Fix RideNavigator Translation     column names from xml file need to be translated to match translated headings,     other posibility would be to match before translation, but this option needed     fewer changes.
      Options Toolbar & Keywords Translations
      Fix minor translations related issues
      Enable fieldChooser and field types translation
      Enable translations in Devices and update spanish translation
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Enable translation of welcome text in BlankState.cpp and Wheelsize in Pages.cpp
      Enabled translation of supported devices legend in DeviceTypes.cpp
      Enabled ScatterPlot axis legend translation
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Enabled translation of Search and Group By     Update spanish translation     Update italian translation (by Marco Piccirilli)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Enabled translation of Season and Event details     Updated spanish translation     Updated german translation (by Tilman Schmiedeberg)
      UI Nits: enlarge Aerolab Crr box to fit the allowed 6 decimal places
      Enabled translation of BatchExportDialog     Updated Spanish Translation     Updated Italian Translation (by Marco Piccirilli)
      Enabled translation of GroupBy labels and formats in RideNavigator
      Use Distance as a PMC metric     Fixes #570
      Enabled progress translation in PowerTap download     Updated spanish translation
      Enabled progress translation in PowerTap download     Updated spanish translation
      Updated spanish translation
      Enabled translation of Cancel/Save in NewCyclistDialog
      Updated translations     Italian by Marco Piccirilli     Japanese by Okano Takayoshi
      Updated German Translation by Tilman Schmiedeberg
      Update spanish translation with event creation warning

Andrew Bryson (9):
      Reset the lap timer based on erg file
      Lap Averages in Real Time mode
      Fixed lap averages only working with lap button
      Add lap time remaining data series
      Fix quarq power and cadence glitches when coasting
      Fix power blips from Standard Power with Quarq
      Initialise stdNullCount
      Allow more duplicate messgaes in standard mode
      Allow user to select another video when paused

Andrew Bryspn (1):
      Allow videos to be in subdirectories. They can also be symlinked from the place where videos normally live.

Andy Bryson (8):
      Issue #357 - Y axis is unclear
      361 - Y axis is still unclear
      Chart Settings (show legend and show zone) were not persistent.
      Stacked Plot Improvements     Make first plot the same size as the others in stacked view     Stop RPM scale clutter
      Remove Boost Dependency - The Easy Bits
      Remove Boost Dependency - Devices
      Remove Boost
      Fix build error on Arch Linux

Chris Cleeland (2):
      Pre-patched version of libusb tarball
      Fix issue #553: take metricDetail->fillCurve from the checkbox state     rather than using the pointer.

Claus Assmann (6):
      Support download for OpenBSD USB Serial devices
      Add Support for Joule CSV Poweragent Files
      Update INSTALL-LINUX for needing > Flex 2.5.9
      Poweragent CSV date format
      Fix typos in FixHRSpikes
      OpenBSD support for ANT sticks

Damien (142):
      enhancement for HrPw
      Add summary metrics list to preferences
      Correct crash with truncated files
      Altitude scale present with no altitude data.
      Add a TCX ride exporter
      Modification to handle odd start page and compatible with qt 4.6
      Correct interval in SyncRideFile
      Modify TRIMP formula to use time_riding instead of workout time
      Modify Aerolab to add interval highlight and zoom + auto offset
      Aerolab : Change LCD display to LineEdit
      Correct bug in the peakPowerHr formula
      Add a Maximums column in the ride summary
      Correct temp plot for smoothing
      Add average for Power, Cadence and Heartrate
      Add ResponseIndex and EfficiencyFactor
      Correct encoding in json parser
      Correct heartrate zone labels position for X axis not beginning at 0
      Correct bug #496 for longitude < -65
      Remove Joule warings
      Fix CriticalPowerWindow handle seasons changed
      Select active ride in the ride navigator
      Reorganise intervals by drag and drop
      Qwt 6 support
      Change speed to double in Bin parser
      Qwt 6.0.1 Support
      Plot relative headwind
      Correct intialisation of altitude for TCX without altitude
      Add torque on the plot
      Find intervals by time/distance
      Correct typo in peakpower intervals
      Add Upload to
      Add Watts/Kg in the cpx cache files and in the CP plot
      Add Left/Right Power Support
      Modify TM processing
      Correct memory leak in HrPw plot
      Keep/Save last value for showBalance
      About dialog
      Fix Joule GPS time recording gap error.
      Show hh:mm:ss on x-axis in ride plot
      add seconds to plot scale label under 5 minutes
      Ignore/correct invalid start time for an interval
      Add FileType to RideFile
      Correct copy/paste errors for File Format
      Enable withings weight for Watts per Kilogram metric
      Add myzeo data download Add ZQ and sleep time metrics
      Refresh metrics for rides after a new weight form Withings download
      Correct error in the erase function for Joule GPS
      Correct copy/paste errors for File Format
      Enable withings weight for Watts per Kilogram metric
      Add myzeo data download Add ZQ and sleep time metrics
      Refresh metrics for rides after a new weight form Withings download
      Correct error in the erase function for Joule GPS
      Minor changes in Joule GPS download
      Choose channels (Altitude, Power, Cadence, Heartrate) to upload to Strava
      Correct error in last commit
      Add a column Start Time in the ride navigator
      Modify Joule download to include Joule 1.0        Need to modify parser now
      Correct bug with the new virtual column for Ride Time
      Modify getUnitVersion for Joule 1.0
      Modify date reader for Joule 1.0
      Another change on date for Joule 1.0
      Correct bug with the new virtual column for Ride Time
      Modify getUnitVersion for Joule 1.0
      Modify date reader for Joule 1.0
      Another change on date for Joule 1.0
      Choose Metric/Imperial units in New Athlete dialog
      Correct crash for Joule 2.0 files without temperature for first seconds
      Correct Zeo data download : only one message box after new values
      Update translation (ts) files
      Update translation (ts) files
      Change series id for histograms after ids were changed by mistake in commit #b116d3a
      Implements WattsKg in histogram
      The getWeight() method should find the last value of weight in measures if the last measure has no weight value
      Return cached value
      Correct binWidth if not valid for the selected series
      Add shaded power zones for watt per kilogram series in histogram
      Correct invalid json if no hr in Strava upload
      Add label for seasons with same start date
      Mismatching allocation and deallocation
      Update French translation for V3.0 (1/3)
      Update French translation for V3.0 (2/3)
      Remove warnings
      Update French translation for V3.0 (3/3)
      Remove some warnings
      ISODate format for UTC date end by "Z"
      ISODate format for UTC date end by "Z"
      Blank state
      Add images for BlankStatePages
      initialise default value for reveal control     synchronize reveal slider with standard slider
      Initialisation of reveal controls
      Transparent background for reveal controls     Add controls for HrPwWindow
      Add reveal controls for CP Plot and PfPv Plot
      Add reveal controls for ScatterWindow
      Animation for reveal controls
      Change animation for reveal on AllPlotWindow
      Animation for AllPlot only for background
      Wait before controls appear on AllPlot
      UI Nits: Reveal controls for GcChartWindow     Add a new Class GcChartWindow with reveal widget and animations
      Hide reveal control after animation     Update HistogramWindow reveal controls
      UI Nits: GcChartWindow for PfPvWindow and HrPwWindow
      UI Nits: GcChartWindow for CriticalPowerWindow and ModelWindow
      Show picker info in CriticalPowerWindow     Correct previous commit
      Re-order seasons with drag drop     fixes #445
      Translation update     Use metric symbol insteed of name for summary metric data
      Blank state : no GPS image for Google Map     Add an image when no GPS data present
      Blank State : default image for no data available
      BlankState: No data available for HistogramWindow     Use the default blank state in HistogramWindow where data not present
      BlankState: No data available for HrPwWindow     Use the default blank state in HrPwWindow when data not present
      BlankState: No data available for AllPlotWindow     Use the default blank state in AllPlotWindow when data not present
      BlankState: No data available for PfPvWindow     Use the default blank state in PfPvWindow when data not present
      BlankState : ScatterWindow     Blank state only if no ride or no data point
      UI Nits: PfPvWindow double click to change quarters (CP and cadence)
      PfPvWindow : Double Click     Update edit values for CP et CAD after double click
      UI Nits: Add titlebar for splitters
      Correct : splitters not resizing after expanded
      Sidebar : Use QSplitterhandle
      Add Strava activity download feature
      UI Nits : Add a splitter control
      Add missing images in last commit for sidebar
      Strava download : add error messages
      UI Nits: Sidebar WIP
      UI Nits: Sidebar WIP     Move extra menu
      UI Nits: Sidebar, invisible root item for intervals
      Strava upload: Use TCX format to handle stationary trainer ride
      LTMSidebar: store/use last selected date range
      Joule GPS : handle negative temperature
      Edit interval
      Display negative temperatures (and respect temperature units) in AllPlot     fixes #466
      Correct min value for speed axis
      Strava upload : send selected channels only in TCX mode
      RidePlot: Correct min value for altitudes less than zero     fixes #527
      FitFile: Add O Synce in manufacturer and navi2coach in product
      SyncRideFile: Uniformise manufacturer name
      FitRideFile: Correct wrong copy-past
      FitRideFile: Use the slope value
      RideFile: If we have temperature but the first point have no value use 0 insteed of noTemp value.
      No resize of left sidebar after reshow
      Restore sizes after sidebar reshow     fixes #568
      AllPlot: Save last showTemp value for ridePlot
      BinRideFile: correct altitude      handle negative value for altitude
      BinRideFile: Support for left-right pedal balance
      JsonRideFile: add support to the references for forward compatibility

Damien Grauser (7):
      SRMWIN Style HrPw Plot
      O_Sync Macro X device support
      Add PeakPowerHr metric (average HR during peak power)
      Add Temperature and Slope Data Series
      Add temperature to AllPlot
      Add temperature icon to GCBubble
      Joule GPS Support

Darren Hague (4):
      Native ANT+ part 2 - USB2 Support and minor improvements
      Dynamic load of libusb0.dll
      Improve stability when libusb0.dll is not present
      Fix CycleOps Fluid 2 virtual power calculation

Dean Junk (3):
      Fix TCX Export Schema Compliance
      Enhance TCX export
      Updates for XML schema compliance.

Eamonn Doyle (1):
      Fix Linux README

Eric Brandt (1):
      Added 'interval summary' window below the interval tree

Eric Murray (1):
      User Configurable Hysteresis

Frank Zschockelt (2):
      Included 4 sample sigma files in the test/rides directory
      Support for Sigma SLF/SMF file formats

Gareth Coco (29):
      Change start date from UTC to localtime for bin ride file
      Fix Windows LibUsb compile error
      Initialise LAT/LON to zero (0.0) in the parser
      Update default Chart Titles
      Add right click - Upload Activity to Calendar - functionality
      Update default chart titles - Analysis view
      mingw uses Sleep()
      Allow CdA to lowest possible in AerolabWindow.cpp
      Don't build QwtDesigner in qwt
      Overhaul and
      Fixes for Manual Ride Entry
      Comment added and replace tabs with spaces
      v3.0dev - Allow ride to be added with no Average HR
      Documentation updates
      Fix file name for patch
      Add back in the ROBOT for Realtime testing
      Added Garmin Forerunner 110
      Typo fix - F2XX is meant to be D2XX
      D2XX Drivers installer for MAC OS
      Update website with new issue tracker/WIKI
      Added MAC OSX file for WIKI download
      Needs to be: #include "TimeUtils.h"
      Sigma 2.1 Test files
      Website updates for broken links.
      HTML formatting
      Update binary translations
      Allow make to compile translations before building
      Appearence fixes
      Minor website update.

Greg Lonnon (10):
      kJoules, BikeScore, xpower displayed, fixed length speed/avg speed, refactored grid layout.
      Computrainer Workout Wizard
      realtime mode: during a workout, if the +/- keys are hit during a workout,     then the rider is able to control the controlller manually.
      workoutwizard: fixed the LAP feature in mrc and erg files
      Added Map and StreetView charts to the TrainTool.
      added reset window layout to all the HomeWindows.
      fixed the gps parser to take mapmyride routes
      strava map jagged fix - issue was the conversion of gps coord to string       didn't have enough precision.
      Strava Upload date corrected.
      moved v2.1 doc to master.

Ilja Booij (1):
      Fix Heartrate support for Tacx Fortius

Jaime (28):
      Added CNUMOFCFGCOLORS macro to define the number of configurable metric colors are available     Added macro entries for Load, TSS and BikeScore
      Added use of CNUMOFCFGCOLORS macro in ColorList and DefaultColorList arrays     Added Load, TSS and BikeScore support in setupColors()
      Added support for configurable colors for Load, TSS and BikeScore
      Added CRIDEPLOTXAXIS and CRIDEPLOTYAXIS for ErgFilePlot axis color configuration
      Added Ride Plot X and Y Axis color configuration.  Default to blue and red.
      In ErgFilePlot(), made the X and Y axis color configurable.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Added GC_DPFHRS_MAX to support fixing HR spikes
      Added FixHRSpikes.cpp
      Add support to Fix hear rate spikes and dropouts
      In guiUpdate(), fixed an issue with updating now to current time so that it is updated about every 1 second.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Changes to fix CT calibration issues with the real time Train plot.
      Logic changes to enable real time plotting to resume properly after calibration.     Minor cosmetic fixes of missing #defines for media support
      Move initialization of curveTitle to CpintPlot constructor from calculate() so the Cp title doesn't get overriden to blank after its first showing.
      Fixed side bar to properly toggle the Hide/Show state when switching modes     Minor fixes to #defines for Q_OS_MAC on side/scopebar
      Fix thread warning exit realtime
      Added removal of double quotes from Racermate TXT data files
      Racermate test TXT file with double quoted data
      Noticed that slope was not being initialized to 0.0, so reworked the constructor ro initialize the variables in the order they are listed in RealtimeData.h
      Fixes in CT support to ensure Gradient/Slope is being defaulted and updated properly between the CTConroller and TrainTool.     Fix to preselect ERG mode in workoutTree.
      Restore load/gradient after done with calibration
      Mac Buttons Icon Corruption
      Icon Toolbar Memory Management
      Code Cleanup: Ride Editor memory leak
      Code Cleanup: HrPw memory leak
      Code Cleanup: CpintPlot Memory leak

Jamie Kimberley (3):
      V3-force use of no elide and scrollbars in tabbed view
      Add other TRIMP metrics to performance manager-v3.
      fix unit conversion error in max cadence calc

John Nye (1):
      update to fix ticket #457

Jon Escombe (10):
      Fix lap number issue
      Fix CRS file granularity
      Fix for 'stuck in full screen' issue
      Fix QIODevice errors in ANTLogger
      Add delay after ANT reset message
      Change usb_bulk_read() timeout back to 125ms
      Move early ANT setup after receive loop is started
      Close ANT channels before stopping session
      Postpone ANT debug log close
      Whitespace cleanup (tabs to spaces)

Josef Gebel (1):
      Fix AllPlot Show by Distance Bug

Justin Knotzke (1):
      Upload to Strava

Magnus Gille (3):
      Added support for MotoACTV csv files
      Added test files for MotoACTV
      Fixed a missing -1 to make non motoactv files parsable again

Marc Boudreau (3):
      Fix:     - incorrect RegEx to read some CRS files     - all files were assumed to be metric - (UNITS = ENGLISH) now converts     - scaling adjusted to not clip the top when some graphs were longer
      Notes () from PWX files not added as RideFile tags...
      Notes () from PWX files not added as RideFile tags...

Marco Piccirilli (1):
      v3.0 Italian Translation

Mark Liversedge (1325):
      Inital V3 Branch
      Julian Candy
      Fix homewindow bugs
      merge origin/master fixups.
      Make libical optional
      Allow user to drag/resize tiles on homewindow.
      fix close chart crash.
      Tidy up bar chart in metrics
      Move tiles on HomeWindow
      HomeWindow chart move/drop
      Merge branch 'realtime3' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Merge Master into V3 Branch
      Fix addchart crash on empty homewindow
      Single click moves chart to end of homewindow
      Segmented button on Mac fix show selected.
      fix homewindow resize cursor bug.
      Drag cursor support Qt < 4.7
      Export Metrics to CSV
      Fix gcc 4.5 compile error/warning in HrPwPlot.cpp
      Upload Ride to calDAV based calendars
      Cosmetic tidy on DiaryWindow, tidy CalDAV code.
      Improved Calendar Support
      merge master into release_3.0.0dev.
      merge master into release_3.0.0dev
      merge master into release_3.0.0dev
      Improved Season Support
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Native ANT+ Support (1 of 3)
      Fix Computrainer with Stereo FTDI adaptor
      post merge master into release3.0.0dev fixups.
      Fix TreeMap Crash & Cosmetics
      Flex/Bison instructions in
      post merge master into release3.0.0dev
      post merge master fixups.
      post merge master in release_3.0.0dev fixups.
      Native ANT+ Support (2 of 3)
      Fix WorkoutWizard.h use of <> instead of "" for win32 build
      Native ANT+ debug, temporary for testing.
      Native ANT+ Part 2 - tweaks
      Native ANT+ Part 2 - Garmin USB1 Stick on Windows
      Fix ASSERT crash in Weekly Summary for No Zones
      Remove RideSummary from Metadata default config in V3
      Native ANT+ Part 2 - Improved Power Support
      Fix Flex/Bison issues on Win32
      QMAKE_DEL should have been QMAKE_DEL_FILE in previous commit.
      Native ANT+ Part 2 - antlog.bin dignostics
      Fixup USBXpress.h when SDK is not installed.
      USBXpress SDK fixup missed USBXpress.cpp on last commit.
      Fix SEGV in WorkoutWizard when no ride selected.
      Training Mode Improvements - Part 1 of 3
      Fix video on startup.
      HomeWindow takes a name to load/save layout.
      Fix Weekly Summary Crash
      Version 3 - No Ridefiles Bugs Bonanza
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix Crash on show/hide sidebar in V3
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Reintroduce Heartrate Zone Summary on RideSummary Window
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Reintroduce Heartrate Zone Summary on WeeklySummary Window
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Realtime checkpoint - WIN32 and Configurable Realtime
      Fix Workout Code null string for Bin (Joule) ride files.
      Fix Crash in Histogram for show in Zones before Zones configured
      Fix Crash on Interval selection when last ride deleted
      Fix RideEditor crash on last delete
      More NULL ride bug fixes
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Less jarring use of pixmaps in look and feel.
      No more CPU hog in Native ANT.
      Plot more data on the CP plot and use a binary cache file
      Plot more data on the CP plot and use a binary cache file
      Missed from previous commit.
      Fix CP calculation crash
      merge srhea/GoldenCheetah.git release_3.0.0dev fixups.
      Fill in Gaps in recording when computing CP charts
      Remove dumb cut/paste error that increased CP calc work.
      Temporary Fix for Ride Selection after NULL ride selected
      Fix CP curve only shows first 6 seconds bug
      Fix CP calculation for files with sub-recIntSecs samples
      Fix typo to get cadence CP chart back.
      Add xPower and Normalized Power to Critical Plot
      Tooltip in CP chart
      Ride Statistics performance improvements
      Plot seasons / date ranges on Histogram Plot
      Added INSTALL-LINUX build notes/instructions to root of src tree
      Added Gareth Coco's WIN32 build notes as INSTALL-WIN32
      Histogram plot by zone for seasons
      Store pre-computed statistics as floats not longs
      Mark Rages' Superfast Mean Max Computer
      CP Plot xPower/NP with color zones.
      Fix CP xPower/NP zoning.
      Merge pull request #4 from markrages/mark-fix
      Enable -O3 flag for g++
      Move CXXFLAGS -O3 to
      Less assert in HrZones
      Refresh CPX file when importing ride files.
      Remove orphaned central widget in MainWindow
      More 'orphaned' Widgets
      Add metadata window to charts
      Add Realtime Plot Window
      Missed from previous commit.
      Add WorkoutPlotWindow
      Make Training View Configurable
      Metric refresh performance improvement (nosync)
      Clean compile time nits
      More Metric Refresh Performance Improvements
      Fix intermittent crash in adding charts to home
      Make Analysis view configurable
      Fix Hr numZones bug
      MainWindow Housekeeping
      Make toolbar color configurable
      Increase margins on RideEditor
      Better rounding of time in AllPlot
      More compile time nits
      Fix First Ride File Import Crashes
      Fix temp file permissions issue with Google Map
      Fix 64bit WKO parsing GPS data
      Fix WKO parser for Ergomo users
      Sidebar, Ride List and Aeshetics
      Simplify and Clean UI
      Remove superfluous heading
      Fix Ride Plot Steals Focus
      UI Cosmetics & Nits
      Reinstate Tab view
      Fixup Tab mode for Mac
      Re-introduce Dropshadow on Win/Mac
      Possible fix for Add Chart crash
      Ride Plot Axis coloring
      Enable/disable dropshadow in appearances.
      Potential fix for Add Chart crash
      Missed in last commit
      Remove unneccessary mutable in RealtimePlot.h
      Further UI fixups
      Fixup UI for Mac
      More Tab / UI fixups
      #include  becomes 
      Fix annoying gap in CP curve.
      Google Map UI Changes
      Sidebar adjustments, wip
      Google Maps Enhancement
      Fix too many QString::arg() in GoogleMapControl.cpp/
      Summary Window Title
      Remove carbon references on Mac in GcPane.
      Fix refresh metric losing ride selection
      Change close window icon. Minor cosmetics.
      Fix Map Jaggies & Stoptime
      GPS Data Precision Errors
      Merge branch 'pc7' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Update to reflect srmio pc6/7 support.
      Merge branch 'pc7' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix window refresh when selecting tile/scroll layout
      Merge branch 'pc7' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Remove console error for seasons.xml
      Enhanced New Cyclist Dialog
      Fix right-click crash on ridelist with no rides
      More mucking about with Ride list
      Code Cleanup GoogleMapControl
      Fix WKO+ file reader GPS 'drops'
      Fixup for V3 Ride List (RideNavigator)
      Stop Map inerfering with Chart drag & drop
      Microsoft Bing Map
      Force hide of virtual column in ride navigator.
      Better support for Negative, Inf, NaN and High Values
      Do not allow user to open same cyclist twice
      Open cyclist show all cyclists
      Show anomaly list in ride editor controls
      Fix date/time handling when importing rides
      Fix delete ride to remove .notes file
      Fix Configure Pane 'on top' obscuring other windows
      Fix RideEditor find dialog for 'between'
      Deprecate .notes in WkoRideFile
      Fix crash on 'dodgy' .man file in v3
      Show "hidden" metadata in an 'Extras' tab
      Default dropshadows to NO
      Refresh metrics without delay
      Fix Save when old .bak exists
      Reset colors to default in options
      Fix Diary doesn't select ride on Mac
      Fix LTM plot to always bin in Mon-Sun weeks
      Don't allow Nan or Inf sample values
      Fix SummaryWindow crash
      Support Garmin Training Center Export Files
      Missed off previous commit
      Fencepost Error for TcxParser and GTC Exports
      Free Memory in Ride Import
      Fix SEGV in AllPlot on empty ride.
      Fix Lat/Lon precision in TCX export
      Fix LogY Intervals on Histogram
      Fit files sometimes go backwards
      Refresh CP curve when rides added/deleted
      Remove duplicate metricDB in StressCalculator
      Improve metricDB query performance
      Fix Metric Chart Fencepost Bug
      Metric chart refreshes when ride added/deleted
      Histogram chart refreshes when ride added/deleted
      Fix delete ride SEGV
      Critical Power Window delete current ride crash
      Make tab view the default in v3
      Guess ride date time for Poweragent CSV files
      Drag and Drop straight onto Layout
      Allow user to rename chart
      Remove drop shadows
      Add VAM to CP curve
      Diary Window now uses HomeWindow Layouts
      Fix title edit when no charts on HomeWindow
      Fix AllPlot Smoothing
      Honour Show grid property
      Fix exit Warning dialogs
      Reinstate CP/AWC CP curve parameters on CP plot
      Remove unneccessary methods from MainWindow
      Missed off last commit.
      Check Duplicates when importing rides
      Fix Macro device data crash
      Add qwtplot3d instructions in INSTALL-LINUX
      Remove Ugly Frame in 3d Plot
      Change style turn updates off
      HomeWindow block updates on rideselected
      Fix HR Zone summary bug
      Avoid QTabWidget setUpdatesEnabled bug
      Fix Style selection change resize bug
      Eradicate QGraphicsDropShadowEffect from HomeWindow
      Increment MetricDB version for PeakPwrHr update.
      Fix set CdA from slider
      Plot Cosmetics Update
      Support FR310xt latest firmware
      Fix ErgFilPlot axis setting
      Use CascadingResizeSections in RideNavigator
      Fix HR Histogram x-axis
      PowerHist HR x-axis
      Fix AllPlot delete ride crash.
      Distance 2 decimal places
      More configurable Ride Plot
      Merge branch 'pc7' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix FitRideFile for header change
      Fix AllPlot smoothing property
      Stacked View honours Chart Controls
      Prettify Histogram by Zone
      Fix PowerHist coloring bug.
      Fix Torque/Speed binning in Histogram Window
      Re-instate zoom interval in MainWindow/AllPlot
      Zoom Interval in Aerolab
      Add Zoom to Interval on Maps
      Reinstate View and add Window menu
      Hide 3d plot when bad data
      Add Activity Details to Sidebar
      metadata icon, missed off previous commit.
      Maximum Max replace in RideSummaryWindow
      Workout Controls for Train View
      Be consistent 'Athlete' not 'Cyclist'
      Choose Athlete not Cyclist
      Start to use consistent terminology
      SplitRide overwrites existing file
      Mainwindow Menu Alt-A Alt-A clash
      User definable value list for Metadata fields
      Swap Zoom and Select on LTM/Ride Plot
      AllPlot select left-click in stacked view
      MainWindow help in local browser
      Extended Help menu
      Activity Intervals rename
      Pretty Toolbar
      More compact controls
      WorkoutPlot reduce whitespace margins.
      Allow show any widget in GcToolBar.
      Fix CP chart SEGV when season deleted
      Reinstate Colors on Calendar
      Fix setByDistance bug in allplot
      Fix Summary SEGV no summary metrics and dirty file
      Convert RideSummary to use QStringList
      Code hooks for activity tooltip bubble
      Revert "SplitRide overwrites existing file"
      Fix RideSummaryWindow crash
      Fix possible SEGV in RideSummaryWindow
      Activity Popup Bubble
      Bubble popup support for Vertical Orientation
      Smart Layout in Tile View
      Refactor WkoRideFile reader
      Improved WKO+ file support
      Merge branch 'streetmap2' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix recIntSecs in Wko reader
      Wko+ bitsize change lost
      Finalise full support for earlt WKO+ file formats
      WKO+ Improved Support for v7 files
      Formally support v7 WKO+ Files
      WKO+ File sanity checks and fix v12 support
      Minor fixups for RideSummaryWindow
      Notes in WKO file format v1
      Fix default train layout
      Pushed wrong version in previous commit
      Fix Train mode SEGV in Course/Ergo Mode
      Split Activity Wizard
      Fix Split Ride file loss bug
      Use old split ride for now
      Check Date/Time unique
      Improved Split Activity Wizard
      Retain intervals when splitting rides
      WKO+ file reader further fixups
      missed off previous commit
      WKO+ iBike fixup was wrong
      Fix WKO+ iBike import
      Better device type handling for WKO+ files
      Summary fixups
      Build Config Fixups
      Update .gitignore
      File Export (part 1 of 2)
      File Export (part 2 of 2)
      Tile Resizing Snaps to Grid
      Fix interval highlighter when no power
      Merge branch 'resetlayout' of git:// into release_3.0.0dev
      Fixup reset layout
      SportTracks File Support
      missed off previous commit.
      RideNavigator as a Window
      Fixup RideNavigator on Linux
      PfPv plot adjust axis for track sprinters
      Tweak Split Activity Wizard
      Add zooming on PfPv Plot
      Realtime honours color settings
      Realtime controls honour colors
      More Realtime colours
      Improvements for Train View
      Fix SEGV in train view
      TrainingPeaks does not have a space in it
      Further SEGV on Server list
      Initial 'proper' support for Video Playback
      Realtime Controls tweak
      Support Garmin USB2 sticks on Linux
      Support Garmin USB2 ANT+ sticks on Mac OS X
      use # not // for comments in
      Add virtual power for LeMond Revolution
      Tweak Virtual Power
      missing break statement in virtual power calculation.
      Mac Video Playback via QTKit not VLC
      Fixup QTKit Video Playback
      Fix memory leak in Video Window on Mac (QTKit)
      Fix repaint() when resizing
      Fix memory leak in Video Window on Mac (QTKit)
      Fullscreen Support for Mac OSX Lion
      Remove QTMovieOpenAsyncRequiredAttribute
      Support Control-Cmd-F to exit full screen
      Ctrl-Cmd-F *toggles* fullscreen
      Mac QTKit Video OpenForPlayback conditional
      Mac OSX SDK10.4 CALayer.h 'slots' variable
      LionFullScreen.h moc error on non-Mac
      Fix HEADERS += LionFullScreen.h in
      LionFullScreen saga. Ugh.
      Add Support for FullScreen on Linux/Windows
      LibUsb does not have usb_reset on Windows
      Metric/Imperial bug in Realtime
      Show kJoules, TSS/BikeScore et al on Train View
      Disable Screensaver on Mac OS X
      Workout (ErgFile) computes metrics
      Reverse unwanted change to ErgFile::wattsAt()
      Remove VLC debug output console on Windows
      Fix slow startup of Train View on Windows
      Remove Globals from ErgFilePlot
      Further realtime improvements
      Mac OS X Realtime Fixups
      Train View controls in Toolbar
      Fix GcToolBar paint artefacts.
      ToolBar even more like Flare
      minor alignment fix in train buttons.
      Fix play icon after stop pressed.
      signpost toggle fullscreen is F11.
      Plot marker default color now Gray
      Allow smaller widths in tile view
      Workout Plot remove gap on Load Curve.
      VLC --no-xlib on Linux
      QTMovieView has autoresize enabled.
      Windows/Linux (VLC) DVD Playback
      Show/Hide Sidebar toolbar button
      Mac Video use GC_HAVE_LION
      Add support for Tacx/RLV Workout (.pgmf)
      Linux/Win disable screensaver using VLC
      Fix RideFileCache taking too long on dodgy files
      Remove executable bit on source files
      Move tab/tile to Toolbar
      Spacing around tab bar.
      Toggle FullScreen button on Toolbar
      Less prominent "view" icons.
      Fixup toolbar button spacing on a Mac.
      Reinstate Lap button
      Fixup .pgmf support (set mode)
      Auto extend workout plot when no workout selected
      Only resort to cached calendar if it exists!
      Add Chart from Toolbar menu
      Remove Activity Details from Sidebar
      Fix bounds checking in RideNavigatorProxy
      Toolbar buttons didn't move on a Mac
      Fix missing ';' in update to MainWindow.cpp
      Fix crash on exit (WinIdChange).
      Fix Crash in ErgFilePlot TimeScaleDraw
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Add a Mac INSTALL guide
      Add Chart Menu fixups
      Fix FullScreen Crash on Mac
      Fix FullScreen on Lion compile errors
      Add ToolTips to Toolbar Buttons
      Use strtod() to convert text to double
      Version 3 to use metricDBv3
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Remove Smart Layouts
      Add a Watts per kilogram metric
      Fix FTDI Adaptor on Linux and Mac
      Computrainer Calibration Mode on F3
      Fix double save of Configuration
      Download from ErgDB
      Removed accidental commented out code
      Fix Serious Delay after saving Preferences
      ErgDB download should say exists not exported.
      Fix SEGV on Mac on Save Preferences.
      Better Bounds Checking in RideFile::intervalBegin()
      VLC Filename convert to file:// URL
      Windows URIs are file:///c: not file://c:
      Added SpinScan Plot
      Fix Target load Dial
      SpinScan L/R different colors
      Add Polar SpinScan Plot
      Remember mode in pedalstroke chart.
      Use uint8_t* not void* in memcpy()
      Fix PfPv refresh bug
      Remove need for cadence on virtual power
      Computrainer +/- keys and load zero
      Tacx Fortius Support
      Mingw build fixups
      Mingw has not sleep(), uses WinAPI Sleep().
      Introduce OperatingSystem global variable
      Tacx Fortius fixes for Mac OSX
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      TrainTool make Fortius dependant upon GC_HAVE_LIBUSB.
      Rename EF to Efficiency Factor.
      Fix zero speed in TxtRideFile for Imperial units
      Remove dynamic load of libusb on Windows
      Tacx Fortius Driver Stubs
      Add Virtual Power for 1UP USA bike trainer
      ANT+ Use Cadence from Standard Power Messages
      List last month, not year for
      Fix Fortius Power Smoothing
      remove debug from Fortius.cpp.
      Virtual Speed
      Rolling Average Power/Cadence/HR tweaks
      Fix nan/inf values for Virtual Speed.
      Training Dials have own Color setting
      CP chart 'best date' doesn't fit
      Show date on CP bests tooltip
      Fix color array offset broken in commit 3c95f54
      Simplify Diary Window
      Close Window or Quit all Windows
      Set default workout directory for Train view
      BioBike Support
      Realtime Plot shows last 60s, not last 10s
      Dual ANT+ Power Fixups
      Honour line width settings in realtime plot
      AltPower gets smoothing in DialWindow.
      More configurable realtime plot
      Add Multi-device support in Train View
      Clear device list before reload on config change
      Cosmetic fixup to Device config.
      Fix JSON ride files going "missing"
      Support TCX Files
      Restore SpinScan
      Fix need to 'reset' USB2 stick between sessions
      Further fixup for USB2 sticks
      ErgFile now supports 'named' intervals
      Fix ANT.cpp comppile error (LIBUSB is optional)
      Fix Computrainer Manual Ergo Mode LOAD display
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Save Garmin Smart Record setting
      Save Garmin Threshold Config Setting
      FitRideFile distance of zero bug
      FFwd and Rewind Video (VLC)
      FFwd/rewind Video on Mac
      Fix QTKit Video Playback on QT 4.8 RC
      Reinstate Chart Setup Dialog
      Hold down FFwd/Rewind Buttons to skip
      Configure Seasons in ConfigDialog
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Disable roch text in metadata
      Fix Crash on no ErgFile selected
      Add Wheelsize Config
      ANT+ Use Cadence from Standard Power Messages
      Season Config - don't delete!
      Constrain AEPF to 2500N on PfPv plot
      Tcx speed is Meters/Second not KPH
      Refresh on ride add/deleted
      Refresh PMC when rides added/deleted
      Support Wattbike TXT data exports
      Wattbike test rides
      Add Temperature to Ride Summary
      Fix precision error for Temp in Summary
      Add Device Wizard
      Remember LIBUSB is optional
      Fox initialisation of ANT::channels without LIBUSB
      More LIBUSB problems
      Fix SEGV on Finish AddDeviceWizard
      Realtime Robot
      Fix AddDeviceWizard AddSearch not completing
      Fix SEGV on cancel long search
      Fix interpolation of GPS data for bad samples
      Toolbar buttons for Analsysis View
      Remove quarq devices
      Save button enable/disable
      Fix redclaration of macstyler in MainWindow.cpp
      Fix Analysis quick button nits
      Fix crash if TRIMP zones > 5
      Add Chart Menus
      Remove reading of .notes from LTMPopup
      Reinstate ride calendar
      Fix axis display for Temperature
      Chart settings dialog no longer fixed size
      Fix SEGV in AllPlot when smooth adjust
      Libical is optional.
      Refresh mini calendar
      ANTChannel Standard Power bug
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix PWX file intervals
      Merge branch 'release_3.0.0dev' of into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix SEGV on empty/dodgy FIT files
      Merge pull request #10 from glonnon/strava_fix
      Revert "Qwt 6 support"
      Merge branch 'v3' of git:// into release_3.0.0dev
      Fix comment in WKO ride file
      Honour wheelsize configuration
      Add Popup Bubble to new Calendar Widget
      Add Minute Mile Pace metric
      Merge pull request #19 from rclasen/master
      Fix Bounds checking SEGV
      Remove 'qollector_interpret' warning
      Link compress libs (-lz) by default
      Enable Measures in v3.0
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Watts per kilo slight changes
      Withings Weight and Watts per Kilogram
      Manual entries compute metrics
      Fix (TM) processing
      Increment DB version
      Only set PWX weight from metadata tag "Weight"
      Support "CP" metadata field
      Virtual Power for Minoura V100
      Search/Filter using Lucene
      Lucene should be optional
      Fix Ride List not refreshing
      Fix Crash in Split Wizard
      CLucene better exception handling
      Refactoring CLucene
      MAC Lucene added to install notes
      Initialise ismultisave variable.
      Searchbox toggle search/filter
      Added contributors.txt
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Change Search Strategy
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Data Filter (Part 1 of 3)
      DataFilter fix compile on Mac
      About Dialog too big
      About Dialog Tidy
      Data Filter (Part 2 of 3)
      Silly cut and paste coding error
      Data Filter (Part 3 of 3)
      Basic default for the home view
      missed from last commit
      missing stdint.h in Bin2RideFile.h
      Mac UI Sidebar Cosmetics
      UI Nits: Ride list column widths fixup
      UI Nits: Named Search Input Box
      UI Nits: About Contributors alignment
      UI Nits: SearchBox menu and Tooltip
      UI Nits: Chart settings and Chart Close Menu
      UI Nits: Filter Tooltip colors
      UI Nits: Analysis sidebar rides & intervals
      UI Nits: Save/Restore Splitter sizes
      UI Nits: Move Calendar from RHS to LHS Sidebar
      termio not needed for Joule
      Skip C99 and just use uint_16
      Experiment: Support for Tacx Fortius 0x1932
      UI Nits: Metadata gap in tab widget
      UI Nits: Fewer default columns
      README - update to reflect reality
      Use hh:mm:ss format in Allplot tooltip
      Calendar sidebar cosmetics
      UI Nits: Mini calendar use prefs
      UI Nits: Add Brief Summary on Calendar Sidebar
      UI Nits: Auto select toolbox
      UI Nits: Added Splitter for Diary sidebar
      UI Nits: Ride list horiz scrollbar
      UI Nits: smaller font in cal sidebar
      UI Nits: Introducing GcWindow property Daterange
      UI Nits: Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary
      UI Nits: RideNavigator margins to allow resize
      UI Nits: Reinstate drop shadow option
      Revert "UI Nits: Reinstate drop shadow option"
      UI Nits: Calendar cosmetics
      Bugfix duplicate temp on summary
      UI Nits: Ridelist cosmetics
      UI Nits: Indent first column ridenav
      Fix Google Map navigation
      Fortius 0x1932 added to find logic
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Mac Native UI (Part 1 of 3)
      Fortius 0x1932 added to find logic
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Minor Fixups for Mac Native
      UI Polish: Mac toolbar buttons too narrow
      UI Polish: Mac Style Selector
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #354 from rclasen/bug737
      Merge pull request #353 from rclasen/pm-now
      UI Nits: Goodbye ToolBox
      UI Nits: train labels in white
      Add OpenBSD compile support
      UI Polish: Diary sidebar hover color
      UI Nits: Small font in Details Screen
      UI Polish: Toolbar spacing reduced
      UI Polish: Scope Bar for Mac Native
      the last commit needed one or two #ifdef Q_OS_MACs
      UI Polish: Move train view controls to scope bar
      UI Polish: Show/Hide Sidebar on ScopeBar for Mac
      UI Nits: No menu on list view
      Fix ride navigator crash on search
      UI Nits: Non-Mac searchbox fix
      Merge branch 'master' of
      User configure Field to set colors from
      UI Nits: Non-Mac searchbox fix
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nits: Ride navigator contents margins
      UI Nits: Don't delete last column
      Set Application Proxy from Operating System
      Fix SEGV on close chart in HomeWindow
      UI Nits: LTM Sidebar (Part 1 of 3)
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nits: LTMSidebar performance
      UI Nits: LTMSidebar performance
      Fix SEGV on GcBubble
      UI Nits: LTM Sidebar (Part 2 of 3)
      Merge pull request #360 from andybryson/charts
      Fix split ride SEGV on bad recording interval
      Concise metric names in sidebars
      Histogram nointerval curve on season chart
      Add Events to Seasons.xml
      Season preferences don't lose events
      Mainain Events in LTM Sidebar
      Merge branch 'master' of
      I Nits: LTM Sidebar (Part 3 of 3)
      Events on LTM work for different group by
      UI Nits: GcBubble positioning
      UI Nits: Fix bubble vanish!
      UI Nits: Disable GcBubble on Mac
      Merge pull request #361 from andybryson/morecharts
      Fix SEGV on ESC in chart settings
      UI Nits: RideNavigator honout font metrics
      UI Nits: LTM popup fugly
      UI Nits: Fix fugly LTM settings dialog
      Fix SEGV on cancel remove chart
      Fix Weight stored in KGs
      UI Nits: Importing GTC Export screen updates
      UI Nits: New athlete splitter sizes
      UI Nits: LTM add chart use a default date range
      UI Nits: Fix GcBubble on Mac
      Performance Manager Date Labels
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Uncomment code from last commit.
      W/KG fixup distribution/histogram
      UI Nits: Ride Navigator weird gap fix
      UI Nits: Remove unused LTM metric options
      UI Nits: LTM popup stretch
      TCX Parser: Strtod is locale specific
      TreeMap Chart - refactor away LTM
      TreeMap show rides when cell clicked
      UI Nits: Ride list scrollbar on Mac
      Merge pull request #366 from amtriathlon/metrics
      UI Nits: Fixup after ridelist scrollbar
      Merge pull request #367 from amtriathlon/metrics
      Merge pull request #368 from amtriathlon/metadata
      Merge pull request #369 from amtriathlon/aerolab
      LTMSidebar: Add season
      Merge pull request #370 from amtriathlon/ridesummary
      Tidy up Preferences Dialog
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #371 from amtriathlon/aerolab-allplot
      Image missed from last commit.
      UI Nits: Config Dialog Size on Linux
      Merge branch 'pmc-qa' of into amtriathlon-pmc-qa
      UI Nits: Config Dialog toolbar not movable
      UI Nits: Config Dialog Cosmetics
      UI Nits: GcBubble border color
      UI Nits: Simple frame for tab mode
      Hysteresis label too long.
      Merge pull request #373 from amtriathlon/ltm
      Default Configuration Files
      Fix Ridesummary SEGV
      Update LTMTool chart translation table
      Merge pull request #374 from amtriathlon/DataProc
      Merge pull request #375 from amtriathlon/colors
      Merge pull request #376 from amtriathlon/rho
      Need -lGLU for 3d link on Ubuntu
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Update LINUX-INSTALL for 3D on Ubuntu 12.10
      Merge pull request #377 from amtriathlon/3d
      -lGLU only needed on Unix
      Handle -lGLU in qmake for mac where unix is true.
      Remove RideFileCache compile time warnings
      UI Nits: Geometry and setUnifiedTitleAndToolBar
      ConfigDialog was missing copyright messages
      Fix Split Ride SEGV
      UI Nits: Manual Ride Dialog fugly
      Fix SEGV in CPPlot when ride added/deleted
      Manual Ride Dialog Fixups
      Context Menu for Devices in Train View
      Added Blank GC Icon
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nit: toolbar selection wrong
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #386 from andybryson/chart_settings
      Merge pull request #378 from amtriathlon/home
      UI Polish: Linear gradient in ErgFilePlot
      Merge pull request #389 from amtriathlon/calendar
      Merge pull request #390 from amtriathlon/chartname
      Merge pull request #391 from dhague/master
      Merge pull request #395 from amtriathlon/navigator
      Trimmed PMC/Manual Preferences
      Merge pull request #397 from andybryson/stacking
      Workout Library Part 1 of 3
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Oops: left in a qdebug
      Fix user units lost in translation
      Stop double updating LTM Plots
      LTMPlot refresh optimisation
      Library Part 1 fixups
      More Library Part 1 fixups
      Merge pull request #399 from amtriathlon/ridefile
      UX: Chart Setup simplified
      Merge branch 'master' of
      AVI isn't supported by Quicktime
      ErgFile lookup CP
      Workout Library Part 2 of 3
      Library Part 2 fixups
      UI Polish: Bit more linear gradient
      UI Polish: More linear gradient on histogram
      UI Polish: More linear gradient on CP curve
      Tone down CP linear gradient
      CP 'this' curve more prominent
      LTMPlot linear gradient was upside down
      Workout Library Part 3 of 3
      Fix Z-order for chart settings
      Workout Library Part 3 fixups
      Support PC7 /dev entry
      Merge pull request #402 from objectiveous/master
      Further Workout Library 3 fixups
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Further Workout Library Fixups
      Workout Library fixups
      CP Calculator is really and Estimator
      VLC is Optional - don't SEGV
      Add Chart on Scope Bar
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nits: Prefs pane cosmetics
      UI Nits: Pref Pane Fields page
      UI Nits: QMactyle QToolButtons are ugly
      LTM Sidebar add season
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nits: Color prefs
      UI Nits: Non-Mac Toolbar
      UI Nits: Add Chart on Linux/Windows
      UI Nits: Mac + chart button too wide
      Merge pull request #403 from andybryson/rem_boost
      Fix -Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor warnings
      Saris Powerbeam PRO Virtual Power
      UI Nits: Fix Mac button icons weirdness
      Fix Batch Export Dir choice on Mac
      UI Nits: Download/Compose Mac button icons
      Missing break.
      UI Nits: Metadata TextEdit double frame
      Measures on LTMPlot got lost
      UI Nits: Autorepeat on open is wrong
      Merge pull request #405 from amtriathlon/units
      Merge pull request #406 from amtriathlon/measures
      Merge pull request #407 from amtriathlon/RideNavigator
      Merge pull request #408 from amtriathlon/options
      Merge pull request #409 from andybryson/boost_crc
      remove boost from docs
      Merge pull request #412 from amtriathlon/translations
      Merge pull request #414 from amtriathlon/fields
      Chart Dates: Part 1 of 3
      Chart Dates: Part 2 of 3
      Chart Dates: Part 2 of 3 fixup
      Chart Dates: refresh a bit less often
      Chart Dates: Part 2 of 3 update
      accidentally left in qDebug() statement
      Chart Dates: Part 3a of 3
      Chart Dates: Part 3b of 3
      Chart Dates: Part 3c of 3
      Fix date settings needed a restart
      Chart Dates: Part 3d of 3 (final)
      Fix KML needing boost in gcconfig and
      Edit times using a QTimeEdit in Metadata
      clang 4.1 fixups
      Show Pace in Summary as mm:ss
      Fix zooming in histogram
      Fix date selection in Tile Mode
      Temporary - remove missing images from qrc file
      add images back to qrc file
      Blank state train view action
      Add ErgDB to train view blank state
      Blank state for train view
      No chart menu in blank state
      Linux fixup for BlankState
      UI Nits: Choose Athlete Dialog Buttons
      UI Nits: Cosmetic gui updates
      UI Nits: Sensible defaults for screen/font size
      Fix conflict with Qwtplot3d
      UI Nits: BlankState cosmetics
      Merge pull request #434 from jjofre/master
      UI Nits: Reformat allplot chart settings
      UI Nits: Hist chart controls errant label
      Fix pause/unpause bug
      Use the device wheelsize!!!
      Merge pull request #439 from jjofre/master
      Fix delete intervals
      Remove BlankState menu
      UI Nits: default chart fonts smaller
      Let user close blank state
      Don't export HR if it is zero
      Clear blankstate screen if conditions change
      BlankState basics completed
      Autohidden chart settings framework
      Chart settings reveal adjust mouse positions
      Reveal Controls: Histogram
      Reveal Controls: AllPlot
      Fix thru today date selection on LTM
      UseThruToday: Fix CP chart
      UseThruToday: Fix Histogram chart
      UseThruToday: Summary
      UseThruToday: TreeMap
      Change 'hotspot' for reveal/unreveal
      UI Nits:Histogram Window border
      Reveal Controls: AllPlot update
      Reveal Controls: HrPw update
      UI Nits: Aerolab title
      UI Nits: LTMPlot remove old markers
      fix compiler warning in LTMPlot
      Merge pull request #451 from jjofre/master
      Merge pull request #452 from jjofre/master
      Add Jaime Jofre as a contributor
      Added contributor
      Added gcconfig.pri tab to About
      About cosmetics
      Wahoo Fitness API Framework
      Autorelease pool on Mac
      Tone down "HUD" close button
      UI Nits: Reveal controls on black bg
      Wahoo Fitness API Abstraction Part 1
      Wahoo Fitness API Abstraction Part 2
      State Changed missed.
      Kickr linker fixups, still crashes
      UI Nits: Tile Mode cleaner
      Fixed WFAPI Crash
      Kickr Skeleton Code
      remove  WFAPI hack code in mainwindow
      Drag n Drop on Splash Train Vew
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix Kickr compile error
      Fix Kickr compile error
      UI Nits: Allplot reveal controls
      Merge pull request #456 from andybryson/QNetworkProxyQuery
      Kickr Checkpoint Commit
      AddDeviceWizard cannot be modal
      Device scanner delay accidentally set to 5s
      Kickr device configuration complete
      Fix another compile error if WFAPI not available
      Kickr checkpoint, connect errors
      Fixed initial Kickr connection issues
      Kickr connect should fail if no BTLE hardware
      Fix SEGV when pairing ANT+ Speed
      Kickr basic functionality
      Kickr speed calculation
      Kickr mutex for thread safety
      Merge pull request #458 from johnnye/master
      Previous pull request missing commit
      Kickr BTLE Support (Beta)
      Framing color less in your face
      Merge pull request #461 from jjofre/master
      Cleanup tabs and whitespace
      TRIMP fallback to workout time if time riding 0
      Merge pull request #463 from jjofre/master
      UI Nits: Reveal Controls Cosmetics
      Merge pull request #464 from jjofre/master
      UI Nits: Allplot reveal
      Reveal slow, unreveal instant
      Add animation in more charts
      UI Nits: QA reveal controls
      UINits: QPixmap to NSImage
      Reveal: Add an easing curve
      UI Nits: CP today 'gap'
      Cocoa Memory Management Fixups
      Kickr: Disable firmware Check
      Clean compiler warnings in WF Api Code
      UI Nits: Style selection wonky
      Fix crash on wake from sleep
      Update install instructions for Mac
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Reveal experiment with Histogram
      Reveal experiment, faster and in-sync.
      Kickr: Clean WF API
      Kickr: Load setting fixup
      Kickr load setting fixups
      Merge pull request #468 from jjofre/master
      Merge pull request #469 from jjofre/master
      tabs to spaces
      Fix all plot reveal size
      Kickr BTLE connection fixup
      Kickr autorelease pool when scanning
      WF Api support multiple connections
      Merge branch 'master' of
      BT40 Skeleton code
      BT40 / Kickr device discovery
      BT40 AddDeviceWizard updates
      BT40 device discovery fixups
      Fix compile time error for WF API
      LTM Show Events Checkbox
      Add reveal controls to LTM chart
      Don't hide Histogram when in range mode
      RideEditor: Stop hiding controls
      Chart Settings menu is All Chart Settings
      BlankState: Minor cosmetics
      BlankState: Analysis view more blanks
      BlankState: Cosmetics
      Fix compiler warnings
      Merge pull request #473 from jjofre/master
      replace tabs with spaces
      Update docs for build
      Mac buttons retain
      Fix SEGV in ride editor
      Kickr connection fail gracefully
      Code Cleaning: LTM sources
      Code Cleaning: ANT+ sources
      Code Cleanup: RideNavigator
      Code Cleanup: Home and GcWindows
      Code Cleanup: Add Device Wizard
      Fix colorpicker focus loss on Mac
      Code Cleanup: TP upload/download
      Code Cleanup: Train
      Fix mac toolbar icon corruption
      MetricAggregator less heap
      UI Nits: border on metadata
      Fix split manual ride SEGV
      UI Nits: Mac toolbar tidy
      Add Tacx Satori Virtual Power
      Silence CLucene compile time warning
      UI Nits: Mac focus rectangle on ErgDB download
      Code Cleanup: Ride Data and Friends
      Code Cleanup: Model Plot
      Code Cleanup: Aerolab
      Code Cleanup: Calendar menu
      Code Cleanup: Scatterplot
      Code Cleanup: Stress Calculator
      Code cleanup: Video player
      Code Cleanup: MainWindow
      Code Cleanup: RideFile readers
      Code Cleanup: Calendar and Diary
      Code Cleanup: Fix tools
      Code Cleanup: CP chart
      Code Cleanup: DBAccess
      Code Cleanup: GUI elements
      Code Cleanup: Data processors
      Code Cleanup: GcCalendarModel
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Code Cleanup: Notes deprecated
      Code Cleanup:
      Code Cleanup: Deprecating stuff
      Code Cleanup: Deprecated
      Code Cleanup: Minor Valgrind grumbles
      Code Cleanup: Valgrind Memory
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix assert SEGV on Trimp Points
      Code Cleanup: ErgFile
      Code Cleanup: Device Downloading
      Code Cleanup: Charts
      Code Cleanup: RideFileCommand
      Code Cleanup: RealtimeController
      Code Cleanup: LibUsb
      Code Cleanup: Remove #if 0 code
      HrPwPlot: Show/Hide fullplot
      Less heap more stack
      Tacx Flow Virtual Power
      Fix SEGV on finf intervals on a blank activity
      RideEditor anomaly button enable/disable
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Code Cleanup: More compile time errors/warnings
      Code Cleanup: Compiler nits
      Code Cleanup: ? and + operator precedence warnings
      Code Cleanup: Workout Wizard
      Code Cleanup: Power Hist
      Code Cleanup: RideFileCache
      Fix metric/imperial in LTMSidebar
      Code Cleanup: Last Xcode semantic warnings
      Code Cleanup: SplitActivityWizard.h
      Code Cleanup: TrainTool.h
      Code Cleanup: win32 fixups
      UI Nits: Manual dialog
      UI Nits: remove reveal on 3d plot
      Fix VAM on CP chart out by factor of 10
      Garmin Device Types
      Code Cleanup: Suppress Xcode warnings
      Revert "Code Cleanup: Suppress Xcode warnings"
      Shade Selector on CP chart
      Fixup last commit
      Add script to build xcode 4.6 project files
      Code Cleanup: Fix Xcode 4.6 compiler warnings
      Merge pull request #492 from Walibu/master
      Code Cleanup: Fix yyinput warnings
      UI Nits: OCD cosmetics for splitter handles
      UI Nits: Seriously OCD
      Fix season drag and drop SEGV
      UI Nits: Sidebar cosmetics
      UI Nits: splitter color
      UI Nits: Font tweaking splitter
      UI Nits: Splitter handles cosmetics
      Code Cleanup: Json lexer memory leak
      Code Cleanup: RideFile EditorData memory leak
      Code Cleanup: Deprecate Train Streaming
      Code Cleanup: RideFileCache remove mallocs
      Support old flex or lex
      UI Nits: Diary Sidebar
      UI Nits: Less vibrant gradients
      QA/2d customise symbol color
      Weight entry honours user preference
      Minor fixups to new Splitter
      UI Nits: Sidebar WIP
      Fix SEGV on unsupported device types
      Handle button too small on Linux
      Splitter for Train View
      UI Nits: Fix splitter expanding
      UI Nits: Splitter decor
      New sidebar splitter on Analysis and Diary
      Splitter menu position and tooltips
      INSTALL-MAC libusb instructions
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Remove german translations for weekly summary
      Allow manual collapse sidebar
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Mac sidebar button image
      Mac Sidebar button in toolbar
      LTMPlot fix baseline setting
      Merge branch 'master' of
      UI Nits: QSplitter cosmetics
      Fixup sidebar cosmetics for Linux
      UI Nits: QSplitter colors on Linux
      UI Nits: Splitter icons adjust
      UI Nits: Sidebar remember their state
      UI Nits: Stop unhiding the sidebar
      UI Nits: Images embossed
      UI Nits: Center Icon Bar
      UI Nits: Emboss Splitter + - menu icons
      UI Nits: Groove highlight line
      Fix SEGV on add/delete event in LTMSidebar
      Code Cleanup: Strava download Xcode warning
      Fix SEGV on edit event details
      Fix Home Sidebar Season Editing
      UI Nits: Splitter actions for TrainTool Devices
      UI Nits: TrainTool splitter shortcuts
      UI Nits: Analysis view menu only
      UI Nits: Simplify splitter to just one menu
      UI Nits: LTMSidebar Splitter simplify to menu
      Dumbass spelling mistake.
      Add function to delete workouts
      Add support for deleting videos
      UI Nits: Splitter interval functions
      Fix rename interval SEGV
      LTM tooltip for groupby weeks is misleading
      Fix custom date range muddle when groupby weeks
      Less right-click on Activity list
      Fix sidebar groupby column names error
      Explicit memory allocation for CLucene
      Use QT file dialogs on Linux
      Speed up sidebar painting
      Fix Histogram window custom date selection
      Reinstate mini calendar on sidebar
      More Linux file dialog workarounds
      UI Nits: Splitter handle show/hide button gone
      Calendar sidebars now show multiple months
      Remove big numbers at top of Diary calendar
      Fix LTM group by selection
      Fix JSON reader ignoring open fail
      Replace fopen() in JSON ride file reader
      GcLabel paint is a CPU hog
      Windows Look and Feel
      Windows Look and Feel Mac Fixups
      Fix Windows Look and Feel crash on ICAL
      Windows: Toolbar buttons style
      Windows: Font sizes and cosmetics
      Windows: View selection
      Windows: Toolbar tweaks
      Fix WIN startup SEGV with scopebar no ICAL
      Windows: style selection fixup
      Windows: Tooltips
      Windows: GcLabel/GcCalendar font bug
      UI Nits: Side Calendar border
      UI Nits: Date Settings "un-scrunched"
      Code Cleanup: Win compile with CLucene
      LTM: Add fill curves option
      UI Nits: Calendar '<' and '>' icons
      UI Nits: Use our own icons not standardIcons
      Kickr Fixups for WF Api 3.0beta08
      Rename/Renumber intervals
      Fix SEGV on delete first activity
      Fixup edit interval
      Add interval sort function
      Missed ModelPlot for IntervalItem.h
      Remove rename single interval functionality
      Documentation: User Documentation Content
      Documentation: Completed FAQ content
      Documentation: Initial FAQ
      Documentation: Fix menu for makeinfo on FAQ
      Documentation: Added a Makefile
      Documentation: Filenames too generic
      Documentation: Add the doc outputs to git
      UI tweaks: Slightly darker toolbar buttons
      Documentation: V3 Release Notes
      Fix egregious ommission in the V3 credits
      Add Starting LTS to Season
      Documentation: Full User Manual Structure
      Seed LTS from Season used in PMC
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Documentation: Update FAQ for seeding CTL
      Documentation: Manual structure and markup
      Documentation: Manual fixup and Makefile
      Fix Sidebar multicalendar refresh bug
      Fix multicalendar repaint bug
      UI Nits: Splitter menu button sizes
      Documentation: Manual images sorted
      Strava download fix SEGV
      Search/Filter applies to Calendar
      Fixup search highlighting
      Search highlighting on Calendar
      Calendar highlighting tweaks
      Add FAQ for close chart and find preferences pane
      UI Nits: Sidebar calendar expanding
      Fix Diary view refresh on first select
      Documentation: Makefile adjusted
      Deprecate 'Save CP' button on CP curve
      UI Tweaks: Splitter pushbuttons problem
      UI Nits: Splitterhandle cosmetic on Linux
      UI Nits: Bubble use antialias
      UI Nits: RideMetadata clean look on Windows
      Datafilter support older versions of Flex
      Documentation: Manual Chapter 1 completed.
      Documentation: Indentation and Item Lists
      Documentation: Manual Chapter 2 Completed
      Documentation: Palatino Fonts
      Fix foreign characters (e.g.Umlaut) in JSON parser
      Fix calendar issue for Italian translation
      Fix searchbox dropdown alignment
      Fix color bug "in Italian"
      Documentation: Chapter 3 update
      UI Nits: Use a toolbutton on the handle
      Merge pull request #532 from dresco/geometry-fix
      Improved deduction of PWX recording interval
      Add Timex PWX file to test rides
      Invalidate incore cache when refreshing
      Refresh all curve when spikes edited and saved
      Translation: More texts now available
      DataFilters: Summary should have a filter
      Defer metric refresh till end RideImportWizard
      Revert "Code Cleanup: RideFileCache remove mallocs"
      Multicalendar double update fixups
      MultiCalendar updateEnabled setting
      GcCalendarModel optimise updates
      Clear stale flag when update!
      GcCalendar optimizations
      Repaint in DiaryWindow
      Update for latest libkml
      Added CLucene patch for Win32
      Documentation: Manual Chapter 3 WIP
      Merge pull request #541 from amtriathlon/27740dbe5c3c23d2f2f5112b926b2fae0955e8bc
      RideSummary summarise Activities
      CLucene is optional!
      WIN32: NSI build script updated
      Merge pull request #544 from amtriathlon/master
      WIN32 NSI missed off libusb0.dll
      Merge pull request #547 from amtriathlon/master
      Fix stresscalculator 2-a-day bug.
      Merge pull request #551 from amtriathlon/1fedaf4e7233af54c5441f77cb46744581cc36f1
      Merge pull request #554 from cleeland/master
      Merge pull request #555 from amtriathlon/b7f7b3aa3729366f0f3ee1a17aefcb04a2f8880a
      Fix filtering on ridesummary window
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Search/Filter on toolbar applies to Charts
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Mac allow search AND filter on toolbar
      UI Nits: Searchboxm on a Mac cosmetics
      Images missed off on 2 prior commits
      Search Box Rounded Corners for Linux/Windows
      Merge pull request #559 from amtriathlon/master
      UI Nits: Search Box Height 21px
      UI Nits: SearchBox icon/tool position tweak.
      Fix calendar hide/show crash
      Don't start in full screen]
      Remove bubble from DiaryWindow
      UI Nits: Activity list cosmetic
      Deprecate QtMacSearchBox
      UI Nits: Search box clear icon
      Fix white specs on Download Icon
      UI Nits: Move searchbox toolbutton
      Minor focus/highlight fixups Linux
      Color fixups for Windows
      Merge pull request #561 from amtriathlon/master
      New chart dialog no stay on top
      Fix LTM useToToday bug
      Deprecate the old INITIAL[SL]TS settings
      RideImport MUST notify charts
      Fix StressCalculator SEGV
      Further updates for Windows NSI script
      Version String Error
      Fix CP chart SEGV on delete ride
      Merge pull request #566 from amtriathlon/master
      Fix repaint of intervals when one changes
      Merge pull request #567 from amtriathlon/master
      Use Work as a PMC metric
      Fix PerformanceManager curve disappear
      Merge pull request #571 from amtriathlon/master
      Merge pull request #574 from amtriathlon/master
      Merge pull request #579 from MrMarc/master
      Metric Histogram Plot
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix array bound SEGV
      Metric Distribution
      Update v3 release notes
      Fix FitRideFile 'hangs'
      Choose Columns Matrix on Netbooks
      Column Chooser Still Too Big
      Fix urls in FAQ document
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Visual signpost for search/filter
      Fix 2 Google Map SEGV
      Add Column Chooser for SearchBox
      Visual cue for filter
      Fixup CLucene OPTIONAL!
      Fix Filter on BikeScore and 95% heart rate
      Edit Named Searches
      UI Nits: Edit Faves on a Mac
      UI Nits: Scope Bar Font on Mac
      Named Search Menu
      ModelPlot (3d) redraw
      Added Upgrade processing
      UI Nits: Add chart frame on chart
      Added Jon Escombe to Contributors
      Merge pull request #589 from dresco/ANT
      About Dialog Config Tab
      Update QT install instructions INSTALL-LINUX
      TRIMP(100)_Points in DataFilter
      Left/Right Balance in DataFilter
      DBSchema increment to 44
      PWX support make/model for upload
      Add Fatigue Profiling Peak Power Durations
      LTM Show top 1 not 5 by default
      UI Nits: Fixup ScopeBar button widths
      Translation: German Analysis -> Analyse
      Crash Reporting
      Add version details to Crash report
      HUD fix Avg HR and Max Cadence
      BasiRideMetric handle no speed/distance gracefully
      Documentation: Makeinfo compatibility
      Merge branch 'master' of
      ANT Logging Fixups
      ANTLogger farce continues
      Recognise Satoru Kurashiki
      Fix RawRidFile fdopen assert crash
      More File Closing
      v3.0 RC4
      Fix RideFileCache threaded db access
      RideFileCache dbaccess thread ...again
      getWeight() always sets weight_ to non-zero
      Upgrade: Set default weight to non-zero
      FitRideFile fix truncated read crash
      Merge pull request #605 from amtriathlon/master
      Upgrade should only try once
      RC5 Update Build ID and String
      No CLucene optimise on Windows
      UI Nits: Defaut sidebar settings
      Fix WPK interval metric crash
      Ready to publish v3.0-RC5X
      Clean up measures.xml
      Merge pull request #610 from amtriathlon/master
      More WPK interval SEGV fixing
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Merge pull request #612 from amtriathlon/master
      Recognise Okano Takayoshi
      Recognise Tilman Schmiedeberg
      Build Id and String update for RC6
      Fix HrPw array offset SEGV
      Added very short (12s) test ride
      Fix QFile/Fclose conflict in RawRideFile SEGV
      Don't publish Withings key in crash report
      GcCalendar - setRide on show
      Calendar Sidebar on no ride
      Support gpxtpx:hr elements in GPX files
      Move tests to top level directory
      Fix RidePlot draw performance
      UI Nits: AllPlot interval too hard to see
      Documentation: Withings setup in FAQ
      Documentation: How to create/edit Seasons/Events
      Fix date range popup for cycles/adhoc
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix Editor find results sorting
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Deprecate overwrite existing files on import
      Fix first file SEGV
      Diary Sidebar Calendar ignores first ride
      Only refresh calendar if visible
      Fix delete ride SEGV
      Warning on add event
      Add Darren Hague copyright message
      Add alpha support for Dynastream OEM USB ant+
      Update for RC7
      Fix ScatterPlot setTime() SEGV
      Fix reset layout 'crash'
      Fixup reset layout for tile mode
      Remove Column Chooser from Chart Settings
      Merge pull request #630 from amtriathlon/master
      New LTM Chart Setup Mockups
      Version 3 Release

Mark Rages (1):
      Added comment explaining meanmax algorithm

Rainer Clasen (49):
      Fit: ignore unknown message types
      Fit: support big/little endian data
      Fit: handle unknown fields gracefully
      fix reading signed values from srm files
      whitespace cleanup
      gitignore lex/yacc generated files
      MacroDevice: use backwards compatible toTime_t
      CommPort: keep device names seperate
      use new srmio API - allowing PC7 support
      CommPort: added isOpen method
      split Device class to allow keeping download state
      SrmDevice: re-use open code
      allow download of multiple files - for PC7
      Download: made status text scrollable
      SrmDevice: switched to full API
      SrmDevice: re-added data fixup
      download: port list comfort
      SrmRideFile: turned assertions into graceful fail
      SrmDevice: support D2XX with srmio, as well
      SrmDevice: sync port support with srmio
      PowerTapDevice: fix date initialisation
      DownloadDialog: handle unset/invalid timestamps
      Download: provide end time for ride blocks
      use new srmio error reporting
      SrmDevice: use srmio win-comm when available
      Device: allow status updates from all methods
      SrmDevice: moved status reporting to open method
      SrmDevice: fix rideList population
      SrmDevice: fix counting skipped blocks
      SrmDevice: use srmio logging callback
      Download: indicate download stage
      SrmDevice: fixed marker offsets
      fixed duplicate main window hotkeys
      fix: refuse writing bad power zone settings
      SrmRide: Import marker names, aswell
      SrmRide: suppress empty intervalls
      SrmRide: set Tags
      fix: remember state of showTorque in ride dialog
      main: allow passing athlete as argument
      added non-zero average power metric
      PM: show upcoming days, aswell
      added upload to
      Download: remeber last used device/port
      SrmDevice: fix catching broken downloads
      SrmRideFile: don't truncate comment
      SrmRideFile: handle bad/truncated files
      SrmRideFile: handle bad marker start
      PM: by default show values up to "now"
      Remove Boost - SrmDevice

Robert Evans (1):
      Adding macports instructions for qt dependency install

Ron Alford (2):
      Correcting the haversine distance calculation for GPX imports
      Changing TCX export to convert to UTC time

Steven Gribble (1):
      added a new air density (rho) estimator dialog box, hooked it into the Tools menu, and updated to add compilation dependencies for it

Tilman Schmiedeberg (2):
      Initial v3 German Translation
      German Translation for V3.0

Tom Weichmann (6):
      New ints show mph and mi + extra digit for dist.
      Changes to make TPUpload dialog honor user unit preferences
      Makes GcBubble honor user unit preference for distance
      Added notes to pwx  tag
      Change GcBubble time format to match Gc standard
      Honour units in Realtime Plots

Walter B├╝rki (2):
      Fix Histogram Crash
      added left/right balance values into ridefile

dhague (1):
      Refactor antlog.bin output into ANTLogger class

g3rg (2):
      Fixed tab order of fields on New Cyclist Dialog
      #381 Prevent statistics from refreshing for each file saved on close, and just run for the last file. Also covers #506 and #656 which are duplicates.

gcoco (23):
      Merge pull request #12 from glonnon/strava_date_fix
      Merge pull request #9 from gcoco/release_3.0.0dev
      Merge pull request #20 from rclasen/master
      Merge pull request #22 from rclasen/bug715
      URL updates
      Update doc/bug-tracker.content
      Update doc/download.content
      Update doc/developers-guide.content
      Update doc/developers-guide.content
      Fix git URL
      Fit git URL
      Fix git URLs
      Remove data from default settings
      Reset defaults
      Reset defaults
      D2XX.cpp requires #include 
      Add some Garmin Device Types
      Accuracy is important
      Added Garmin Edge 510
      Add Garmin Edge 810
      Added notes on the build
      Whitespace cleanup

unknown (1):
      Add error reporting to Estimate CdA and Crr