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Alejandro Martinez (7):
      Add Spanish Translation and Enable Metrics Translation
      Add Spanish Translation & Fix Translation Issues
      Set UTF-8 in charts,metadata and seasons xml files
      Add HrZones to Weekly Summary and Fix Spanish Translation
      Update Spanish Translation
      Enable 3d Plot Translation and include spanish translation
      Rho Estimator Translation

Bruno Assis (1):
      Portugese (Brazil) Translation

Damien (22):
      Modify csv import for ergomo file with comma or semicolon separator
      Remove error logs for unused datas in ride file
      handle showHr/Speed/Cad/Alt state for stacked view
      Add summary metrics list to preferences
      Correct crash with truncated files
      Add PeakPowerHr metric (average HR during peak power)
      Altitude scale present with no altitude data.
      Bug #178 TRIMP is not updated after modification in Rest Hr Tag -> compute metric after save
      Add a setFocus on the Treelist to correct a MacOs Bug of Qt
      Modification to handle odd start page and compatible with qt 4.6
      Correct interval
      Modify TRIMP formula to use time_riding instead of workout time
      Modify Aerolab to add interval highlight and zoom + auto offset
      Aerolab : Change LCD display to LineEdit
      Correct bug in the peakPowerHr formula
      Correct encoding in json parser
      Correct bug #496 for longitude < -65
      Remove Joule warnings
      Update french translation for rho estimator
      Change speed to double in Bin parser
      Correct intialisation of altitude for TCX without altitude
      Correct intialisation of altitude for TCX without altitude

Damien Grauser (2):
      Update French translation.
      O_Sync Macro X device support

Darren Hague (5):
      Virtual Power; Better GSC-10 pairing support.
      Corrected - to + in CycleOps formula
      Use realtime clock for realtime-mode clock
      Add virtual power support for BT-ATS trainer
      Remove toMSecsSinceEpoch() and work around

David (1):
      Updated Czech translations

Eric Brandt (1):
      fix realtime mode load timer and lcd sig. digit display issues

Frank Zschockelt (2):
      Support for Sigma SLF/SMF file formats
      Included 4 sample sigma files in the test/rides directory

Gareth Coco (25):
      Changes to map markers
      FIT file reader fixes
      Set default Smoothing (secs) in Ride Plot to one (1) second
      Change start date from UTC to localtime for bin ride file
      Make interval period on map user defineable
      Reorder liboauth includes
      Comment out QwtDesigner build in
      Changed kph to km/h in displays
      Changed KPH to km/h in displays
      Update translation .qm files
      Update gc_fr.qm for updated French translation
      Fixes for RealtimeController
      Initialise LAT/LON to zero (0.0) in the parser
      Updated Spanish Translation
      Add a Portuguese translation
      Add a TCX ride exporter
      Fix interpolation of lat/lon when missing or 0/0
      Allow CdA to lowest possible in AerolabWindow.cpp
      Update translation files
      Ordered build - qwt then src
      Fixes for Manual Ride Entry
      Comment added and replace tabs with spaces
      v2.1dev - Allow ride to be added with no Average HR
      Update documentation
      Added v2.0.0 information.

Greg Lonnon (3):
      GPX RideFile Support
      changes to the markers in google maps.
      Added a QFilesystemWatcher to monitor adding files to the workout directory.

Ilja Booij (1):
      fix 'Wrong distance on Tacx caf file import'

Jamie Kimberley (6):
      Update download page to reflect build of mac 10.4
      force use of no elide and scrollbars in main tab
      Update user guide steps 1 and 2
      clean up wishlist web page
      Add other TRIMP metrics to performance manager.
      update French Translation

Justin Knotzke (2):
      Cycleops Test Ride
      Update of German translation by LukeNRG

Keisuke Yamaguchi (1):
      Update Japanese translation files

LukeNRG (4):
      German Translation
      Updated German Translation
      Updated German Translations
      German Translations

Mark Liversedge (59):
      Updated for v2.0 release.
      Joule support fixed on download page.
      Add link to wiki from the website.
      Mac PPC binary added to downloads page.
      Translations Bonanza!
      Fix Computrainer with Stereo FTDI adaptor
      Fix 'Save data' in RealtimeWindow
      Updated Czech translation
      Fix Wko GPS parsing on 64bit
      Fix Virtual Power for Fluid2
      Revert "Add Spanish Translation and Enable Metrics Translation"
      Fix WKO parser for Ergomo users
      Better rounding of time in AllPlot
      Fix WKO+ file reader GPS 'drops'
      Remove console error for seasons.xml
      Fix RideSummaryWindow crash
      Fix RideEditor find dialog for 'between'
      Fix .man crash in CP plot
      Better support for Negative, Inf, NaN and High Values
      Fix annoying gap in CP curve.
      Fix Save when old .bak exists
      Fix SummaryWindow crash
      Don't allow Nan or Inf sample values
      Fix LogY Intervals on Histogram
      Fit files sometimes go backwards
      Guess ride date time for Poweragent CSV files
      Add JSON support to v2.1
      Fix date/time handling when importing rides
      Update .gitignore for Lex/yacc
      Fix Macro device data crash
      Support FR310xt latest firmware
      Fix FitRideFile for header change
      Fix Download Ride Dialog instructions refresh
      SplitRide overwrites existing file
      Revert "SplitRide overwrites existing file"
      Fix Split Ride file loss bug
      Check Date/Time unique
      Summary fixups
      Updated translation files.
      Add virtual power for LeMond Revolution
      Use strtod() to convert text to double
      Fix FTDI Adaptor on Linux and Mac
      Better Bounds Checking in RideFile::intervalBegin()
      Forward support in .json for temp/slope
      Add Virtual Power for 1UP USA bike trainer
      FitRideFile distance of zero bug
      Disable roch text in metadata
      Fix zero speed in TxtRideFile for Imperial units
      Support TCX Files/Tcx speed in meters/sec The TCX parser ignored samples where distance is
      Fix crash if TRIMP zones > 5
      Fix PWX file intervals
      Fix SEGV on empty/dodgy FIT files

Mitsukuni Sato (1):
      Japanese Translation

Rainer Clasen (8):
      Added SRM5 file format read support
      whitespace cleanup
      fix reading signed values from srm files
      Fit: ignore unknown message types
      Fit: support big/little endian data
      Fit: handle unknown fields gracefully
      SrmRideFile: turned assertions into graceful fail
      FitRideFile: turned assertions into graceful fail

Roberto Massa (1):
      Italian Translation

Roderic Campbell (1):
      There was what looked like a copy paste error. I changed the zone 7 label to the appropriate 7 instead of

Steven Gribble (1):
      This patch adds an air density (rho) calculator feature to GoldenCheetah.

Thomas Irps (1):
      Portuguese translation

Tim Shaffer (1):
      Make the default date range for Performance Manager a user preference.

kohasa (1):
      enabled editing interval duration by keyboard.

lemaitre (1):
      Updating of the French translation

unknown (1):
      This patch correct altitude for TCX files converted from FIT files These files doesn't have altitude for e