• Downloads or Imports ride data directly from many devices
  • Imports ride data downloaded with other programs
  • Provides a rich set of analysis tools
  • Is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Is released under an Open Source license.

We believe that cyclists should be able to download their power data to the computer of their choice, analyze it in whatever way they see fit, and share their methods of analysis with others.


To all those volunteers who selflessly give their time and without whom amateur sport would not exist.

— Graeme Obree, in the dedication of Flying Scotsman


Release 3.1

We are proud to announce that GoldenCheetah v3.1 was released.
Installation is simple. Download the file for your operating system.
You can also view the release notes for 3.1

Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
Mac OS X (10.6+) Universal / 64bit
Fedora 18 RPMS - 32 bit / 64 bit
Fedora 19 RPMS - 32 bit / 64 bit
Fedora 20 RPMS - 32 bit / 64 bit
You can download older releases of Golden Cheetah.

There is a User guide and a FAQ that you can use to help you use the program.

Golden Cheetah downloads data from all versions of the PowerTap computer including the new Joule GPS. Previously you needed to have the FTDI USB Drivers installed if you were using the PowerTap USB cradle (as opposed to the older, serial cable). This should not be necessary. If you are having problems then you can manually install the FTDI USB driver.

On Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, Golden Cheetah also downloads from the SRM PCV. On Mac OS X, you'll need to install the open source PL2303 driver to download from an SRM. Please see the WIKI article - PCV on Mac OS X for further information.

There is the older Version 2.1.0 User's Guide on how to install and use Golden Cheetah that can assist also.

Development Releases

Gareth Coco has also made regular development builds available. These binaries are based on the latest source code, so they may have more features and less (but sometime more) bugs than the stable release above.

Source Code

The Golden Cheetah source code is available via git. See the Developer's Guide for more information. You can also browse the source on github.


Sean Rhea bought a PowerTap Pro on April 20, 2006 and immediately set to figuring out how to use it from his Mac without using Virtual PC. With help from Russ Cox and David Easter, he wrote two command-line programs for downloading data from a PowerTap and interpreting that data. Sean released these two tools, ptdl and ptunpk, on May 4, 2006.

Later that year, Sean needed to learn QT for his real job, and he set about writing a graphical version of his software for practice. He released the first graphical version on September 6, 2006, changing the name to GoldenCheetah in reference to an old legend from his days as a runner.

Since then, a large community has contributed additional code and other support, including:

  • Alejandro Martinez
  • Andrew Bryson
  • Andy Froncioni
  • Austin Roach
  • Berend De Schouwer
  • Bruno Assis
  • Chris Cleeland
  • Christian Charete
  • Claus Assmann
  • Dag Gruneau
  • Damien Grauser
  • Darren Hague
  • Dave Waterworth
  • Dean Junk
  • Eric Brandt
  • Eric Murray
  • Frank Zschockelt
  • Gareth Coco
  • Greg Lonnon
  • Ilja Booij
  • Jaime Jofre
  • Jamie Kimberley
  • Jim Ley
  • Jörn Rischmüller
  • John Ehrlinger
  • Jon Beverley
  • Jon Escombe
  • Josef Gebel